Hip Hop Production

Boola x Ski Beatz In Studio Production Conversation

Legendary producers Boola and Ski Beatz take some time out to have personal conversation about their favorite experiences while working in the studio and individual projects, Cut From A Different Cloth and 24 Hour Karate School Pt. 2. The two then head into the studio to get deeper into the music, unreleased music, and letting … Read more

Don Cannon’s New Balance Promo

New Balance presents a day in the life of Don Cannon. From the club to the studio and various activities throughout the day, Don Cannon shows viewers a bit of his daily hard work. [via 2db]

Get A Job, Read A Book, Buy Some Records


There are a lot of quality events coming up for production minded individuals who like to step away from the boards for a little while. From beat battle and record swaps to book releases and job fairs, there are no excuses for boredom over the next couple of weeks.

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Update: Backing Up Is For Nerds And The Paranoid

I like to personally apologize for that lack of updates during the past week. As some of our Twitter followers may know, Crate Kings ran into major technical issues last Thursday? evening. Essentially, in a matter of hours we had to change web hosts and implement a number of software updates and security measures. Though blog … Read more

Willpower / Supahot Beats 2.0 Boys Scratching Footage

Producer Willpower / Superhot Beats takes viewers in-studio for footage of he and Kawan “KP” Prather scratching over the beat for “2.0 Boys.” XXL Magazine drops a quick interview with the producer as he tells how the project initially started and how he became involved with it. “We were out in Vegas working on Wolf’s … Read more

The Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All-Time

And so begins the great debate. The question of the greatest hip-hop beats of all time plagued each one us at some point. It’s a question that hip-hop producers, beat makers, MC’s, and fans have asked and argued since the beginning of time (or at least hip-hop history). Unfortunately, most people when confronted with the … Read more

A Classically Trained Musician’s Take On J Dilla


The Guardian recently dropped a piece on J Dilla that covers that lat producers early life, musical trajectory, and subsequent death.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, a classically trained musician and one of the people behind Suite For Ma Dukes, gives his thoughts on the significance of J Dilla’s contributions to hip-hop and music as a whole.

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