Ty Fyffe Talks Rump Shaker, Murdergram, 4 Da Fam

Producer Ty Fyffe talks with Grind Music radio about his early days working work Teddy Riley on Wreckx-n-Effect’s album Hard or Smooth, Fyffe’s first album as a producer. Ty Fyffe also talks candidly about the role that Pharrel Williams played in the making of “Rump Shaker,” Pharrell did actually produce the song.

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45 King Making The Beat Radio Interview

Normally I try to write a description about what a video or segment is about, but this might actually go down as the most awkward, rambling interview to ever appear on Crate Kings. Still, even with all of its awkwardness, you’ve gotta love listening to 45 King rambling about hip-hop. [via GG]

Easy Mo Bee Interview: Ready To Die & Top 5 Producers

Producer Easy Mo Bee talks about working with Bad Boy early in the careers of Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack, the influence of Marley Marl, and his favorite personal productions. He also reveals that, amazingly, Busta Rhymes’ “Everything Remains Raw” contained no loops and that each sound purposefully and meticulously placed. Easy Mo Bee’s Top … Read more

Just Blaze Gives Stadium Red Recording Studio Tour

Producer Just Blaze gives a tour of Stadium Red recording studios. In the process he talks about his fondest memories of Baseline Studios, which happened to be both his first and last days, and the significance of both moments in his career. Later Just Blaze takes viewers to meet the recording, engineering, and in-house mastering … Read more