45 King Making The Beat Radio Interview

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  1. I’m with you Semantik. There were too many awkward moments, but its a pleasure to watch one of my favorite beatmakers of all time. I wish the video showed him making a beat though. Maybe there is another part to this. Thanks for potsting it though.

  2. When Mark the 45 King lit up he cigarette I knew it wasn`t going to be normal. The instrumentals in the background were nice as hell though

  3. What’s so awkward about a couple blunted brothers chopping it up and cracking jokes….I’m just thrilled to see Mark still pushing…..

    You motherfuckers are too quick to throw dudes under buses……Do you hear those beats in the background?

    Stop bitching, and start listening…..And if the host is Double J from the Flavor Unit, than ya’ll need to really pay homage…..


  4. I agree Mark The 45 King is legendary but a lackluster interview is a lackluster interview! I don’t think that has anything to do with paying homage. There was far too much rambling going on but I will say Mark the 45 King is worth listening to in most any context.

  5. WTF….where they fried ? yeah Mk45 King legendary underrated producer who has in fact kept Latifah’s hit’s hot back in the day see Flavor unit. It was just an awkward interview like they where taking acid hits & we are watching them in slow motion LMAO .If you don’t know now you know N!66@.

  6. This is not supposed to be an INTERVIEW, though, right? Semantik, you should be more careful with semantics 😉

  7. Hearing the Smiling Billy Chop that Tip used for “One Love” just made me realize that Beatnuts used it on “Yuo Dont Stop”.
    Props to the Nuts and 45 King

    • this is some funny sh*t! You can chop these up and make skits for several albums. the beats are sick and I can vibe with the convo. like reveal says, “just two old cats choppin it up” one who happens to be of hip hop’s greatest producers.

  8. first off it was just a test of something….thats why they said it was test…and to be honest they were just chilling chopping it up…..and it was interesting…better than most of the ish that pops up on the internet nowadays.
    If 45 king ever gets a internet show rolling……it would be worth it to just hear what new illness he has playing in the background….he is still one of the best producers today hands down.

    The only technical issue is, hide the lights from the camera view and its all gravy

  9. Just watched this a second time…..this is extremely dope……just the points they touch on is worth the price of admission. I wish 45 king would do a weekly/monthy show like this….and put out a product…..I know he feels underapreceated but he is by far one of the nicest.

  10. I believe Mark has a show on scion radio maybe that’s where this is from. It looks like he was triggering some shit on that keyboard and it wasn’t heard like he overdubbed the audio later.

  11. if u talkn shit about this video cause he actin “weird” i dont get u.. you think some “normal” producer can create beats like stan and hard knock life.. come on fam.. i didnt even get to see this

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