About Crate Kings

Crate Kings is an urban music production news website written primarily by Semantik with occasional contributions from DJ Trends and a number of very generous readers.

Updated daily, Crate Kings delivers news about DJ and producer battles, software updates, equipment releases, producer interviews, music industry conferences, and more. With each update Crate Kings seeks to assist both aspiring and established producers by providing the necessary informational tools and resources to help each music producer improve his or her skill set.

Started sometime around late 2005/ early 2006 with the intent of promoting some then very strong views about the production and vinyl sides of hip-hop.  Though Crate Kings has historically placed emphasis on the more “traditional”, dusty fingered aspects of hip-hop such as vinyl and sampling, this is by no means the exclusive focus of the site.

A vinyl collector, DJ, and audio gear head, Semantik has spent more time than he’s willing to admit in record bins and behind a pair of turntables.  After spending such a great amount of time quietly hunting, searching and haggling with dealers, it was time to create a site for others who share a similar quest.  Crate Kings was born.

DJ Trends
NYC club specialist and weekly anchor of the Caribbean Fever on 107.5 WBLS Radio.  In addition to supplying listeners with a regular dose of his One Drop Radio podcast, Trends sports a vinyl collection and knowledge of hip-hop that is second to none.

What Crate Kings Is Not:
A source of gossip.
A source of music leaks.

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