Easy Mo Bee Interview: Ready To Die & Top 5 Producers

Producer Easy Mo Bee talks about working with Bad Boy early in the careers of Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack, the influence of Marley Marl, and his favorite personal productions. He also reveals that, amazingly, Busta Rhymes’ “Everything Remains Raw” contained no loops and that each sound purposefully and meticulously placed.

Easy Mo Bee’s Top 5 Producers: Pete Rock, Large Professor, Marley Marl, The Bomb Squad, and Eric Sermon.

I was trying to do a modern day Droppin’ Science — Easy Mo Bee explaining “Flava In Your Ear”

12 thoughts on “Easy Mo Bee Interview: Ready To Die & Top 5 Producers”

  1. Easy Mo Bee is an incredible producer! Everything Remain Raw is one of my favorite jams. And, Party and Bullshit…man. Dude made some joints!

  2. Moe beats always had a cosmic sound heavy big production one of my favorite producers and he knows what’s up with the bomb squad if you dont know google them.

  3. A very GREAT, WAY UNDERRATED PRODUCER!!! When that “Flava In Ya Ear” hit BET, I was the same way!! I was like what the fu*k is that? That joint was banging!! Your a great man Easy Mo Bee!!! And Easy, if you troll this site, bruh, how many versions of “Party & Bullsh*t” is it?? The reason I ask is because when I first heard Biggie, I heard a version of that track that I “thought” was the original. I heard this version on a local radio station (I live in NC) two times maybe & I NEVER HEARD IT AGAIN IN MY LIFE!! God be my witness!! It had a bass line that started at a particular note & went down the scale four notes & repeated. Every note it started when it was struck sustained, then that same note played for a quarter, then it went down a note. It repeated this sequence four times, going down a note each time, then the loop repeated. It also had a nice drum sequence under it. I’ve searched for it ever since & CAN NOT FIND IT!!! I know the version I always hear or see on the video, but that’s not the one I first heard Biggie on. Is there a hidden or very RARE version?? Please let a brother know!! When they broke the song on the radio, they said it was “new music” by a guy named Biggie Smalls. I know DJ’s sometimes “mash up” or throw instrumentals up under acapellas & such, but I wouldn’t have thought a DJ would do someones “new” material like that when first being heard, you know, “world premiere” type ish! Anyways, if you, Easy Mo Bee, or anyone else can clear this up, I would be grateful, lol!! Nevertheless, Easy, keep doing ya thang bruh!!

  4. The man worked with Pac, Big, and Miles Davis… Cats dont realize that Ez Mo Be produced Miles Davis’ last album “Doo Bop” Peep game.

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