Beat Making Videos

David “Fingers” Haynes Performs w/ NI Maschine

David “Fingers” Haynes steps further away from his Alesis HR-16B and Korg Nanopad to pick up the NI Maschine and give another demonstration of his finger drumming mastery. Stay on the lookout as the drummer promises a breakdown of his sound placement in an upcoming video series. An explanation for sound placement will be in … Read more

Producer Showcase Compilation @ Fat Beats L.A.

Elevator Hip-Hop drops a compilation/all-star highlight film of the beatsmiths who performed during last producer showcase to take place at Fat Beats L.A. Among the producers to take the stage and flex their skills were Exile, Rhettmatic, House Shoes, J-Thrill, Science, Jon Wayne, Aspect 1, Pudge, Ras G, Dibiase, and Shafiq Husayn.

Drum Programming – Philthy Beats Aka Phillip Drummond

Another old school Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition user, Philthy Beats Aka Phillip Drummond goes through the process of making a beat from scratching including sample chopping, filtering, and programming drums shortcuts before moving into a discussion of shifting notes, variations in velocity, and layering sounds.

Live Finger Drumming “Show Me What You Got”

Finger drumming master David “Fingers” Haynes finally returns with another video demonstrating his unique talent. This time Haynes talks about his transition from the Alesis HR-16B to the Korg Nanopad before jumping into his personal rendition of Jay Z’s “Show Me What You Got”.

Ayatollah + MPC 60 Live At Fat Beats

Producer Ayatollah drops by Fat Beats NY for for a live in-store beat session using the same MPC 60 that was used in the creation of his upcoming 3 Disc album “Live From The MPC 60”.