Breakdown Records Video Tour (Queens)

DJ Funktuall gives viewers a tour of Breakdown Records, which is located in Flushing Queens. All albums in the store are $2, but, according to Funktuall, the best stuff is on eBay. Yes, there are even records in the bathroom. Watch the whole video tour, it gets a little ridiculous.

DJ Muro On King of Diggin, Vinyl, 45RPM Cover Museum

The Tokyo City Serious features DJ Muro discussing the first time that he heard hip-hop, meeting DJ Krush, and elevating his vinyl knowledge and collection. Muro also touches on the spread of his classic mixtape King of Diggin’ and his book of Japanese 7 inch cover artwork entitled 45RPM Cover Museum.

RoddyRodd x J-Live Digging In South Africa

RoddyRod, J-Live, Marco Polo, Tru Master go digging during a trip to Joburg, South Africa. Reader Poll: How deep in debt would you be after shopping in a quality vinyl spot with 6 floors?

Pgh Record Convention (Pittsburgh)

Get ready to get your fingers dusty. Pittsburgh’s newest record show has arrived. The Pgh Record Convention will have its inaugural event on Saturday October 8th, 2011. For true record junkies, the Pittsburgh Record Fest is also taking place the same night. There are no excuses for leaving without a pile of wax. Pgh Record … Read more

HPRS x Crate Kings x Redef Records (New Jersey)


What could be better than having fun and hanging out with a bunch of record junkies? Crate Kings and Redef records have teamed up with HPRS to get the word out about the next episode of record selling madness.

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Damu The Fudgemunk Pressing Spur Momento

Word on the street is that Damu The Fudgemunk is getting ready to release a 75 track deep instrumental box set entitled Spur Momento. While Spur Momento is slated for a 2012 release, Damu plans on dropping additional solo work as well as another Y Society album.

5th Annual Record Store Day Is Tomorrow


I hope all you dusty fingered lunatics have saved up your cash. As you may already know, Saturday April 16th 2011 is the 5th annual Record Store Day. The event celebrates the live, independent, retail music stores. Lots of special vinyl releases, in-store events, and artist performances will keep you entertained and digging long after you should have gone home.

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Crate Update: Free Records @ HPRS, The Thing Tour

Hopefully this will help all you dusty fingered vinyl maniacs get your fix for the weekend. I know it’s rough.

DJ Funktual’s Tour of The Thing
I suppose we’ve all seen enough videos of Brooklyn’s The Thing over the years, but if there’s anything that tugs at a seasoned vinyl addicts heartstrings, it’s seeing piles and piles of records stacked in ways you could never imagine. Then again, it’s extremely painful to see vinyl mistreated, stacked horizontally, and strewn across the floor.

The 45’s are dustry bro. I think a cat’s been using them for a litter box.

Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) Free Records Sale
It all goes down tomorrow Saturday, March 26th from 11am to 6pm. Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) founder Gregorious has combed though the the sale’s archives to give visitors a free crack at old inventory.

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Shrine To The Funky Drummer (Experimental Film)

Joshua Pablo Rosenstock offers up his personal, slightly odd¬†Shrine To The Funky Drummer, an experimental film documenting all aspects of James Brown’s classic drum break. From personal interpretations of the break to its use in DJ’ing & turntablism, production, and crate digging, the film features clips of prominent producers, artists, and DJ’s such as Rob … Read more