Mobile Diggin’ w/ Sprint Bluetooth

In order to save valuable time and money, I like to be able to use each and every resource possible when I’m out searching for vinyl . Back in the day I used to walk around with a tiny notepad in my back pocket, nowadays I use the Sprint PPC 6700 cell phone instead. It … Read more

Beat Diggin’ Documentary

Beat Diggin’ is a must for all of you that have been looking for some good record diggin or production videos. It’s actually only about 30 minutes long, but it’s jam packed with record digging goodness and is heavily focused on mid 90’s underground legends such as DITC, Da Beatminers, along with a couple of … Read more

Rare’s Baby Rare’s!!!

Another shout to my man Trends for putting me on to this breaks/rare grooves thread that somehow got started! This one is offering downloads of Demon Fuzz, Fela Kute, Magnum, David Axelrod, Cannonball Adderley, and Harlem River Drive. Ahhh man!!

Break Mix Kings

I definately consider myself to be a digger who is on top of his game, but most of all I am a fan. So… here are my favorite break mix dj’s to keep your cd and tape decks (old school, right?) dusty. 1. Soulman 2. Conmen (Jake One & Mr. Supreme) 3. DJ Muro 4. … Read more

Diggin’ Finds 9-30

I’ve been fighting the urge to dig for a while, but finally found myself venturing out of Boston and into in a thrift store looking for some goodies today. It was definately not worth the $3 toll to get there as I only found a some really common joints. But hey… it was still diggin’, … Read more

My New Book

Maybe someday I’ll actually get around to writing my own version of Crate Diggin’ for Dummies, but until then we’ll just have to imagine how wonderful it would be.

10 Vinyl Record Digging Secrets

Someone recently heard an advance copy of my soon to be released 100 Breaks Part 2 mix and asked how I found all the samples. The funny thing is that I really didn’t have a clear answer and was forced to sit back and analyse all the record research and digging habits that have become … Read more

Diggin’ In Chi-Town

I made a trip to the Chicago recently and came to the conclusion that I have a full blown record problem. My first destination immediately upon landing at O’Hare airport, after picking up the comfy Ford Taurus rental w/GPS from Avis of course, was Dusty Groove records. After getting stuck on the Dan Ryan Expressway … Read more