Sweet Turntables Bring Candied Musical Goodness

Who knew that licorice could sound and so good. Filmmaker Jake Humbles drops a quick audio/visual tease entitled “Sweet Turntables Man.” Finding inspiration from the shape of various confectionary delights, here he presents viewers with a visual of mixing classic hip-hop with classic candy. This could of been inspired by the story of Willy Wonka … Read more

J Dilla – Behind The Beat (Home Studio Poster)

J Dilla: Behind The Beat (Poster).jpeg

Crate Kings readers surely know by now the pictorial greatness of the book Behind The Beat, a collection of photos of producer home studios.

Stones Throw has come together with photographer Raph Rashid to make one of the most memorable photos from the book available as a 28 x 28 inch poster printed on flat (non-gloss) paper. The poster, which is only $12 and worthy of mounting in any studio, is sure to inspire greatness in anyone willing to will to embrace it.

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The Hip-Hop Belt: DJ’ing & Sampling By Design

No longer do you have to be a superhero to wear a do-it-all utility belt. Emily Carr design students Justin Alm and Jack Curtis created The Hip-Hop Belt, an “educational tool for younger children” to assist in learning about hip-hop DJ’ing and sampling. The belt features a mixer, two turntables w/ rotary sensors, and an ultrasonic sensitive kill switch.

Visit Emily Carr for more details and hit the break for video of The Hip-Hop Belt in action!

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Digging in the Crates: The DNA of Contemporary Music

Roland Loessiein’s diploma thesis entitled Digging in the Crates combines artsy design with the dusty fingered work ethic that is the foundation of modern sample based music. The interactive installation seeks “to explore the sampling as a production technology of contemporary music” while taking participants through a history of audio manipulation. While the cohesive design … Read more

Introduction To Vinyl Art w/ Daniel Edlen

Artist Daniel Edlen explains his view of music and the inspiration for his custom hand-painted vinyl creations. “Some people enjoy music.  They listen to it while they run, they listen to it while they’re work, maybe they have it on while eat dinner in the background, but for me music is more than background, it’s art, … Read more

Cassette Business Cards w/ Case Holder


Besides being an essential item to serious aspiring producers and musicians, it’s no secret that business cards can leave a powerful impression on new contacts. Designer Koji Sueyoshi’s cassette shaped business cards and accompanying cassette case are certainly unforgettable and sure to catch an extra glance from anybody who receives one.

[Design Boom via GG]

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