Record Players Without Vinyl

Crate diggers and vinyl enthusiasts have a tendency to love the sound of natural static.  Experimental musicians Otomo Yoshihide and Aoyama Yasutomo have taken the concept of unnatural sound to the next level with their interpretation entitled With Records, which utilizes about a hundred portable record players. [via Make]

Sound Wave Chair By Matthew Plummer Fernandez


Yet another way to visually inspire your recording studio.  The Sound/Chair designed by Matthew Plummer Fernandez is made out of water-jet cut polyethylene foam and was designed to match 719 sound waves.  Of course, with the roughly $6,700 USD price tag, you might find more appropriate allocations for your recording budget.

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[via Dvice]

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D.I.T.C. – The Movement (Cover + Tracklist)

The D.I.T.C. crew is back at it again with their November 18th release of The Movement. Tracklist: “Time Travel” ft. O.C. & A.G. produced by Finesse “Mad Live” ft. D Flow produced by Drawzilla “Experience” ft. Show & A.G. produced by Show & E Blaze “Shine My Way” ft. Party Arty produced by Drawzilla “When … Read more

DIY Record Basket Stores Vinyl Your Way

This may or may not be your thing, but I know first hand how space takes priority once you have 70+ bulky milk crates lying around your house.  DIY collectors will get a kick out of creating a record "basket" to keep their collection of precious vinyl in line.  Check out Instructables for full details … Read more

Vinyl Wave Takes Art To New Levels

Apparently music is not the only place that vinyl is making a comeback.  With artist Jean Shin’s Sound Wave appearing at NYC’s Museum of Arts and Design, artsy types are even beginning to appreciate the visual aesthetic of vinyl. [NYTimes via Dvice]

Drawings Capture The Insanity of Vinyl + Crate Digging


Ever searched for a way to sum up the madness of crate digging?  An artist and fellow dusty fingered madman has managed to capture all the frustrations and social dysfunctions in a series of drawings entitled "Crate Digging… Don’t Do It."

A bit of fair warning, with titles like, "There’s always someone digging in a better crate", "You won’t be able to satisfy your needs", and "Imaginary records will haunt your sleep", you may be forced to reassess that slight vinyl addiction you’ve developed over the years.

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[via Stefan]

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