FL Studio Mac OS X Public Beta Now Open

All you Mac nerds that though you may have been missing out on the FL Studio fun can now rejoice. Today Imageline announced that FL Studio Mac OS X would be open for public beta. Previously, this had been a private invite only. ┬áThis is an experimental version running in a custom crossover wrapper, so … Read more

Pro Tools MP 9 Coming Soon From Avid


Avid has announced Pro Tools MP 9, which promises more options and power for users of M-Audio audio interfaces. Users will be able to get their hands on the updated version of Pro Tools for $299 USD for the full version while upgrades will be available for $199 USD.

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Adobe Audition Mac Beta Is Now Available

Adobe Audition, previously known as Cool Edit Pro, has enjoyed a loyal following for quite some time. The only problem was that it has only been available for Windows users. The great news is that now Mac users can now finally get in on the action as well. Notable Features: Fast start-up, high performance multi-threaded … Read more

Avid Pro Tools 9 Is Now Standalone & Other New Features

Avid has announced the released of Pro Tools 9, the latest version of its DAW. In addition to the such new features such as Automatic Delay Compensation and increased track count, Avid’s latest release now gives users the ability to use Pro Tools 9 without as standalone with only a computer, iLok and software, no hardware interface is needed.

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Image-Line FL Studio 9.5 Beta & New Features

FL Studio Producer Edition users can now apply to beta test FL Studio 9.5. Changes and improvements to FL Studio include: larger mixer view & waveform metering, individually sizable Playlist tracks, live Playlist marker types, 64 bit plugin support, improved memory management, improved audio options, fully automatic PDC, piano roll transport control, and more. Head … Read more

Meet The Developers of Propellerhead Reason & Record

The Propellerhead software team opens the doors to their headquarters to discuss the company and its philosophy behind developing music software. Founded in 1994 with a love of synthesizers and the goal of creating experimental software, the company’s staff reveals the process of moving from its original release of Rebirth to Reason 1.0, then finally … Read more