Maschine 1.6 Brings VST, AU Support, Komplete Elements

The latest Maschine 1.6 update has been released for all users via the update manager. The big news for Maschine’s 1.6 release is the addition of VST and Audio Units (AU) support, swing-per-sound, pad link, and a free copy of Komplete Elements, which contains 3 GB’s of sounds.

Noteworthy NI Maschine 1.6 Features:

  • VST and Audio Units support from within MASCHINE – use instrument or effect plug-ins from NI or 3rd parties!
  • Plug-in parameters are auto-mapped to the knobs on the controller
  • Pad-link: trigger multiple sounds by just hitting one pad (incl. master/slave functionality)
  • Swing per sound: swing now also available for individual sounds
  • Enhanced drag and drop of internal audio, as well as from the operating system
  • Redesigned Module slots allowing extended effect chains
  • Mapping improvement when dragging multiple samples
  • Renaming objects: clips, scenes and samples can now be renamed inside MASCHINE
  • Enhanced drag and drop of audio inside MASCHINE
  • Extended audio channels: Now 16 stereo outputs
  • Duplication improvements: copy sound and its pattern events
  • Full 64-bit compatibility (incl. VST Mac) and 64 bit REX import
  • Free KOMPLETE ELEMENTS: Over 1,000 instruments & effect sounds with 3 GB samples – please see below for more info on how to get it.

Visit Native Instruments for complete updated Maschine 1.6 feature list.

33 thoughts on “Maschine 1.6 Brings VST, AU Support, Komplete Elements”

  1. Man… having personally used this thing. Its pretty good. But NI has incredible marketing with Maschine. This thing is still about 70% of what I want it to do. I think alot of people feel the same way. Then again, its not what you use, its how you use it. I still think NI needs to deliver a video of someone making a beat start to finish (not the edited Khrysis Joint). All you ever see if people talking and hyping maschine, not actually using it. Lets not treat this like the end all be all of beatmaking machines quite yet.

    • All good points…I’m really curious to see what Akai comes up with in response. Surely, they’ve got to recognize that not only are hardware/software hybrids like this the future, it’s also the NOW.

      I agree though, Maschine is about 70% of what I want/need at this point. While this update is HUGE for people who predominantly use VST’/AU for their sounds, it’s still a non-step for guys like me who use Reason. Rewire support on the next update and it’d just about be a wrap for me!

      • For Akai to come out with a hybrid workstation would be to compromise their existing MPC line. I’m guessing that they’ve got something in the works (wouldn’t be smart otherwise), and I’m guessing that they’ll drop it when they feel the like they’ve maximized the earning potential of the MPC.

        They’re probably gambling on the fact that tagging their hybrid with the MPC name will make it immediately competitive, which is a big gamble since NI’s going hard with Maschine and won’t easily give up whatever market share they’ve already captured.

        • Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day. I don’t know where Akai stands as a company today as compared to years ago nor what they hope to be in the years to come. Maybe the percentage of producers out there who still wanna rock with an MPC is big enough to keep them successful according to their current/future business model?

          Remember how long the MPD16 was out and how long they were getting crushed by the Trigger Finger and the padKONTROL before they came out with the MPD24? I’m just thinking that Maschine will be on such another level by the time Akai finally wises up that they WON’T be able to catch up…

          I guess I’m just really curious…I could see Akai coming out with something VERY competitive (and nicer to look at…I’ve always been turned off by the clunky look of Maschine) but, I could also see them come out with something that just doesn’t stack up.

          Design-wise, I’d say they are on to something with the current run of MPD’s and it wouldn’t take much away to add a larger, more functional screen, knobs, blaaa blaaa blaaa blaaa blaaa…I could keep going…I’m just excited about Maschine but curious what Akai counters with!!

  2. I had Maschine and it was cool but I felt it was a little of windows to navigate through. Ski one of my fav but he’s frontin’ on this one lol. I agree with expanding pass mpc, sp12s, and s950s but daws is where it’s at. That’s he didn’t bash Ableton live lol. Maschine is cool controller but that’s about it, imo. Not to knock it, if it fits someone workflow go for it, but I’m just sayin’ lol.

  3. I Rock with Ski beats But it seems like these software companies are just cutting a check for him he say he use this what happen to all the abelton live promos he did stop jumping the fence Ski beats!

    • I agree. He was big on abelton live for a hot minute, then he jumps on Maschine and now is all about that. Matter of fact I remember seeing advertisments for both around the same time! First and foremost I think you just gotta master your craft with whatever you use as a beat maker. What you use is secondary to the fact, because creativity is the true catalyst to separate yourself from the pack. Maschine looks interesting because it’s not totally a software thing and it incorporates the feel of hardware and brings it all in.

      IMO I just want to master my machine, the MPC 2000xl before I just run to the next piece of gear with a veteran producer’s co-sign. Just think…. How many game changing machines from the maestro rhythim king to linn drums to sp 12/1200, mpc 60,through 5000, to pro tools,logic, reason etc has there really been? More than a few. The crazy thing is the majority of the machines, especially the early ones were not made to make the type of music we mess with. Now they are made specifically for hip hop. Thats the big difference today.

      I’ll just vote man over machine. These companies are spending $$$ to market they product but I think this is a great time to be 15 and want to make beats.

      • Judging by what I read from everyday folks on various forums, a LOT of people are considering pushing their other hardware/software to the side and concentrating on developing a workflow solely with Maschine (though I don’t think that approach is necessarily optimal for everyone). So, if you are to assume that’s what SB did (I doubt it somewhat), then you have to consider that maybe Maschine really *is* that good and he’s basically co-signing what a lot of others have been saying.

        Oh yeah… stay out that man’s pockets. ; )

    • Yup, he uses Ableton and Maschine. He might use somethin else later on down the line, you’ll never know. But I think what really matters is his beats will continue to be dope. People focus too much on the instrument rather than the music itself. I think with Ski, he’s just open minded in trying new things and I respect that.

  4. Im not a lover of the Maschine Hardware ( Feels like a toy ) but I have to admit the software is Good. Meanwhile Akai has basically discontinued the 2500 to try & force people to the 5000 (NEVER). They put out those MPK Midi keyboards with the little Punk pads on them, but what else are they doing?

    Heres an idea.. Since AKAI doesnt know how to make Software anymore & N.I isnt Great at making Hardware…. Lets see a Hybrid .
    Something with Full pads & weight on it like the MPC2000XL
    (Something I can Bang on , not Tap) that can control Maschine software.
    Just a thought.

    As far as all the Marketing from N.I – that video was flattering at all.
    around 3:18 you can see Maschine isnt made for MAN hands

  5. Good luck toting that 13 lb. hybrid around (vs. the Maschine weighing in at 4 lbs.). Gonna need some MAN hands to hold that weight lol.

  6. The maschine is a beast. Ya’ll need to stop hating on this product just cos it aint from Akai. All these updates are free as well. They even included Komplete elements which is $60 for motherfuckin FREE. As a mascshine owner the support NI give is amazing.

  7. akai has the mpd and apc…apc is pretty dope if your just fucking with ableton and wanna do live sets.

  8. Yo…to anyone who uses the maschine and they like it…good for them…they got it to work for them the way they like it….but for real…this shit is not appealing to me…lol.

    Although I didn’t like maschine…it did start something. I don’t know who’s gonna be the one to make an actual “drum machine” that can really bridge the gap between hardware & software…but this is a start.

    I honestly think that the makers of Maschine should have waited a bit longer and did some more “trial & error”….cus there’s some things that make it easier to use then the keyboard & mouse….but there’s a lot of other things that pissed me off about it….like the fact that you can’t time or pitch stretch.

    • I’d bet the jar of wedding money on my dresser that these features are coming in a subsequent update…early sampling machines could hold what, like, 4 seconds of time right? I actually applaud NI for continuing to update their software, for FREE, consistently and in direct response to the most popular requests of their clientele…

      • I am interested in Maschine & plan to get one. Also on NI’s Maschine forum, time stretch has been a constantly talked about issue & NI DOES plan to implement that in a future update! Have seen a lot of posts on there where people have said when they do this, IT’S A DONE DEAL!! Well, we’ll see…. People have been talking about it before the 1.5 update, so I feel NI is take their time to make sure they get this right. The reason I say this is because NI made it a point to say that time stretch WOULD NOT be on the 1.6 update, so I feel when they bring it, it will be on point!

  9. I’ve had the Machine for some months now and I must say that Ski is not lying. It’s easy to use and the sounds are dope. And it definitely helps with the sampling and everything. My main piece is still Logic, but I’m building more complete tracks straight in Maschine as time goes by.

    From what I understand about Ski, he’s still using Abelton as a DAW to record and do some things. Dude actively uses the pieces that he says he is. It’s just evolution in equipment. I don’t think he would co sign a piece of equipment he didn’t like or use personally.

  10. The only thing I wish my MPC 1000 had right now, is better buttons and maybe a tiltable screen. The pads received a fix, now they should fix the buttons… The buttons on the 1000 in particular, are very cheap and have piss-poor response. Oh and they should give me some waffle fries…. Unforgivable!

  11. its cool if you take time to prepare it, it’s awesome.
    and I want an S4 too –
    S4 for the Collection – Maschine for the Processing – Ableton for the Organization – The Whip for the Review – Online for the Do (as in do they like it)

    There don’t read

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