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Tableturns Roc Raida Limited Edition FLüD Watch

FLüD Watches has announced the release of a limited edition watch honoring the late DJ Grandmaster Roc Raida. The cost of the watch is $90 with all proceeds going to support Roc Raida’s family.  You can only obtain the watch by directly e-mailing FLüD.

CK 5: Stax O’ Wax T-shirts & Posters Available

Phillip Bell, the artist/graphic designer behind the artwork for the latest Crate Kings 5: Stax O’ Wax compilation, put together a limited run pressing of t-shirts and posters. If you participated in the project, this is your chance to have physical memorabilia associated with the project. If you love the compilation or the artwork, this … Read more

Crate Kings T-Shirts Now Available

Crate Kings T-shirts are finally here! Of course, since this site originally started as a tribute to vinyl, it’s only fitting that the first round start off with another tribute to our favorite subject. Rest assured though, many more producer and DJ inspired designs are on the way. Visit the t-shirt store. Become a fan … Read more

Cardboard Record Player Is Simply Beautiful


How do you showcase your mastery of everything sound related?  You design, manufacture, and distribute a completely self contained cardboard record player of course.  That’s exactly what  GGRP did when it wanted showcase its sound design and engineering services.

The record player is constructed from corrugated cardboard and features a built in spindle and needle, which amplifies sound through the folded cardboard.

Good luck getting your hands on one though.  Unfortunately the players were only sent to selected North American creative directors.

[AofW via Gizmodo]

Additional pics after the break!

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RJD2’s Custom Spinning Wireless MPC Remote

RJD2 quickly shows his tour setup then explains how he hacked together a wireless MPC controller for use during live performances.  The controller consists of a Korg padKontrol, wireless battery powered MIDI transmitter, 9 volt batttery soldered to a power connector, gorilla glue, and more.  Did we mention that it also has a custom built … Read more

DJ Turntable & Mixer Vinyl Laptop Decals

The next time that you’re out DJ’ing a club or party, make sure that your that your laptop is outfitted properly.  This turntable/mixer/DJ decal lets every one know that you’re dedicated, at least visually, to the art of DJ’ing. The removing decal is custom sized (approximately 12″ x 8″)according to your specs and available in a number … Read more

2010 Bob Moog Foundation Calendar


A perfect gift for anyone with an appreciation for Bob Moog’s engineering mastery, the 2010 Bob Moog Foundation calendar features quotes and info combined with photos straight from the synthesizer creator’s archives.

Grab one for only $20 at the Moog Foundation shop.

Back calendar cover after the break!

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