CK 5: Stax O’ Wax T-shirts & Posters Available

ck5-poster-t-shirt.jpg Phillip Bell, the artist/graphic designer behind the artwork for the latest Crate Kings 5: Stax O’ Wax compilation, put together a limited run pressing of t-shirts and posters.

If you participated in the project, this is your chance to have physical memorabilia associated with the project. If you love the compilation or the artwork, this is your chance to support the designer. Either way, everybody deserves a little Crate Kings on their wall or in their closet.

Head over to StuffedCrust to grab a Crate Kings 5: Stax O’ Wax t-shirt or poster.

(Note: Stuffed Crust is not affiliated with Crate Kings. Any transactions that take place are directly between you and the artist/designer.)

12,234 thoughts on “CK 5: Stax O’ Wax T-shirts & Posters Available”

  1. I ordered 3 of them and got them today. they fit perfectly, the posters are dope, and high quality too.

  2. yo Semantik keep doing your thing, great site. You should make that poster a wallpaper for computers also, I know I would use it.

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