DJ Hero 2 Announced By Activision


As if you haven’t had enough already, Activision has announced the upcoming release of DJ Hero 2.  Scheduled for fall 2010 availability, DJ Hero 2 will feature music from Dr. Dre, The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and over 85 more artists.

The game’s producers promise that DJ Hero 2 will feature improved gameplay, new multiplayer modes, and a Party Bundle, which includes a copy of the game, two controllers, and a microphone.

Visit the DJ Hero website for more details or to pre-order.

1,285 thoughts on “DJ Hero 2 Announced By Activision”

  1. am not a DJ but i wonder how Djs feels bout this game. it was probaly evident in the first one cause NOBDY BOUGHT it.

  2. Im wondering what a videogame has to do with anything on this site except for the DJ in its name…

  3. I am a dj and have been since 86. I bought DJ hero for my kids for christmas and they loved it. Not the same as actually djing, but still good all the same. Its a good game and a nice way to introduce the youngins to djing (my kids already knew about djing from me, but the average person really doesn’t).

    The funny thing is that its closer to actually djing than guitar hero and rock band is to actually playing the guitar and drums…one of the reasons why it didn’t do as well as expected. With all these new controllers and interfaces…it even makes it more like what these “virtual” dj’s are doing now.

  4. I hope it goes away, dj hero is fu**in lame bro!
    The word “dj” makes me cringe sometimes because of
    sh*t like dj hero. To all the real dj’s keep doing your thing.
    I’ve got my kids using Abelton, my mpc, and guitars.
    F*ck guitar hero and dj hero!

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