Drum Kits

Portable USB Turntable Briefcase

For record diggers who are all business, the Briefcase USB Turntable offers a way to preview the vinyl goods while still remaining somewhat inconspicuous.  In addition to USB connectivity, the belt driven portable turntable features a fully automatic tonearm, tone control, and built-in speakers. $69.99 gets your own over at ThinkGeek. [Geeky Gadgets via Dvice]

Lower End Analog Synths Collection Now Available!

It took a while to complete, but our Lower End Analog Synth collection is finally available for immediate download and features over 100 handcrafted vintage sounds.  Finally a powerful, original, and unique low end synth collection has been put together in convienient WAV for your production pleasure . Head over to the sample store for … Read more

300 Classic Hip Hop Drum Breaks, Samples, and Loops

For those who don’t know, hip-hop drums samples are the lifeblood of Hip Hop and Rap music.   They have been the basis of virtually all of the classic hit that you hear today.  Nowadays many producers have preferred to use more prechopped and engineered or factory drum kits, but there will always be a … Read more