Recording Studios

Marvin’s Room Recording Studio Gallery

Officially filed under recording studios to drool over. Marvin’s Room, formerly known as Marvin Gaye Studios, is where many of the artist’s greatest hits were recorded. The restored studio includes recording facilities, living quarters, and even a basketball court. Check out the equipment list and photo gallery, then go get motivated!

5th Seal’s Production Setup & Vinyl Collection

Producer 5th Seal (Nick Javis, Immortal Technique, Rass Kass, Lupe Fiasco) delivers the first installment/teaser of his vlog series. The video features a mini-tour 5th Seals stripped down production setup and respectable vinyl collection.

Pete Rock & Smif N Wesson Studio Session Footage

Duck Down offers a quick clip of a studio session from Pete Rock and Smif N Wesson’s release entitled Monumental, which will feature appearances from such artists as Raekwon, Sean Price, Memphis Bleak, Buckshot, and more.

DJ Eclipse’s Record Collection + Home Studio Tour

DJ Eclipse takes views through a tour of his house and the immense collection of records contained within it. Yes, every room of his house is filled with records, including the kitchen. Studio highlights include Akai S950 and S-1000.

A-Trak Brooklyn Recording Studio Tour

DJ A-Trak takes viewers inside of his relatively minimalist Brooklyn recording studio. A-Trak shows of his computer-based setup that uses Apple Logic as its core. Production Toolkit: MIDI Keyboard Harmonica Moogerfooger Drumcomputer MFB-503 Apogee Duet Logic 9.0 Pioneer DJM 800 Serato Scratch Live A couple of hundred records [Respect to Tha S Ence!]

Mike Posner & DJ Hi-Tek In-Studio Footage

Mike Posner goes in-studio with producer Hi-Tek to preview an instrumental from his upcoming album while showing off something that every producer wishes he had, a stack of disks containing Hi-Teks’ drums. [via illRoots]

Timbaland’s Tour Bus w/ Mobile Recording Studio

SSL takes viewers on a tour of Timbaland’s tour bus that comes complete with a fully operational mobile recording studio. The full Pro Tools setup includes guitar inputs in the co-pilot’s chair, vocal booth with gold plated Neumann U87 microphone, and massive SSL gear.

Madlib’s Early Bedroom Studio & Vinyl Collection

From the record cover lined walls to the stacks recording equipment piled high on itself, Madlib lets loose a small collection of photos that were taken by DJ Design and date as far back as 1994.   As expected, there are quite a few gems from his early days as a producer/beat maker. Most of … Read more

Fredwreck Reveals Vintage Synth & Guitar Collection

Another clip from the West Coast Theory documentary, producer Fredwreck shows off his personal recording studio and collection of vintage synthesizers, guitars, and other music making tools. Anything that makes a sound, I can put a beat to it. Notable Studio Items: Rhodes piano ARP String Machine E-mu SP-1200 Sony C-800G Microphone Oberheim OB-8 Akai MPC3000 … Read more

DJ Toomp Studio Talk: Hardware vs Software

BLVDST interviews DJ Toomp to add his thoughts to the never ending hardware/software debate.  Toomp explains his personal preferences for a number of studio items used most frequently and offers insight into his ideal sound. I still just like to blend the two of them together. It’s hard and software together.  Software got its own … Read more