DJ Toomp Studio Talk: Hardware vs Software

BLVDST interviews DJ Toomp to add his thoughts to the never ending hardware/software debate.  Toomp explains his personal preferences for a number of studio items used most frequently and offers insight into his ideal sound.

I still just like to blend the two of them together. It’s hard and software together.  Software got its own thing.  You got Reason, you got Logic, Cubase, a few other programs.  One thing I can say is I love the strings that come off most of the software.

Notable Studio Items:

  • Three Akai MPC3000’s
  • Four ASR-10’s
  • Roland Fantom-S
  • Akai MPC2500
  • Propellerhead Reason & Record
  • Mackie Mixing Board
  • Stanton T.80 Turntable

1,912 thoughts on “DJ Toomp Studio Talk: Hardware vs Software”

  1. Toomp seems like a real cool guy.
    He talks a lot of sense, and he is spot on with the software vs hardware debate.
    They both have their uses.

    • asr 10 are 12-16 bit keyboard samplers,

      check out producer nottz or illmind drums those are always made on the asr 10 wich gives your drums a more realistic feel

  2. great post semantic ! im a loyal cratekings cat and yo. this is one of the best interviews i seen up here .word. now the debate on hardwear vs softwear is put to rest . JUST USE BOTH ! don’t turn neither one of them down. i hope it stays like that forever. Dj toomp much props !

  3. Clearly a Fav for me too, always been thinking a bit like that, taking the best outta everything, i got a 2500, but i would looove to put my hands on an asr-10, or a vintage analog synth with a warm sound, or i don’t know, an SP-1200 too, i do use reason and Logic so i’m not against software at all. I’m not that experienced really, but it made me think that i was doing/thinking the good way.

    bottom line : if it’s dope, it’s dope, no matter what u use, i’m not the first to say that but damn, people gotta stop arguing about what is better and just do (good) music.

    nice post Semantik

  4. Toomp is a dope producer. I love his explanations. We need more of that tipe of wisdom in this game. He was right about the MPC,I did sell my 2000 after I really learned Reason,but only because I needed the space.So i went to a MPD because of space. I`ve used Mpc 2000,XL and SP 1200.I also onwed a ASR-10 for a short time so I`ve been through the ranks. I am soo glad he put it out there that both hardware and software can co-exist in harmony. I am getting tired of the debates. Semtantik,you`ve done it again. Keep the good posts comming.

    • Everyone should already know this. No matter what, your going to need some sort of hardware to be completely productive. You’ll need a pad controller (Mpd), maybe a mixer, a turntable if you sample records, a least a midi controller or something. I guess people big debate is software vs. stand alone hardware. The biggest debate seems to be do I need a mpc or not. Thats everyone’s biggest thing, that I’ve seen. Im still debating that. Ive been usin FL Studio since like ’02 and Reason since like ’05. I had an MPC 1000 sold it because I was choppin everything in computer and bringing it over anyway. Now I got an MPD24 but I still crave that MPC2000xl just because thats what most underground producers use. (Heehee)

  5. i sold my mp a year ago and rock redrum for my drums, drop it in pt and chop it up on the grid, i do all my intstrumentation with soft synths in midi using a contoller and just print it to audio when its right.

  6. Straight up and down, DJ toomp is that nigga. Out of all down south producers from zaytoven, drumma boy, etc dj toomp hands down. His beat are more impactful to my taste. The man can flip a sample and play his own way. Much respect for knowledge and humbleness from DJ TOOMP.

  7. i love how these producers drop knowledge on these lil videos…

    yo Toomp, I’ll take one of those ASR-10s off ya hands!!!

  8. dj toomp is like the dre of the south no question hes right dont really matter what you use! ive been using this tiny ass sampler i bought from ebay for like 8 years now its called zoomsampletrak, i got reason and logic but for drum programing and pads i preffer the zoom then i incorporate reason for my basses
    or logic for strings or synths!!

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