Congrats To All Graduates! (CK Out of Office)

It’s graduation season! Congrats to all high school and college grads receiving diplomas this spring… the world is truly yours!  Over the next week Crate Kings will make the cross country rounds to visit our favorite newly minted college grads.  During this time site posts will be sporadic, and possibly nonexistent, but bite sized news … Read more

Plastinkus Pocket Size DJ Scratch Cards

Did anyone else make scratching sounds with their zipper?  These pocket size DJ cards from Plastinkus can do the job even better!  Designed by Anton Schnaider, the credit card sized pads allow you make those beloved scratches, scribbles, and cuts anywhere you want. Visit Artlebedev and snatch up a couple.

Check The Credits DVD – Dame Grease & Ron Browz (Review)

Surely many of you have seen the Dame Grease/Ron Browz video clips making the rounds lately.  The short web clips are actually part of a much longer version compiled and distributed by Fullhub Entertainment as part of their ever growing series of Check The Credits DVD’s. Check The Credits is a Smack inspired DVD magazine … Read more

K-Def – Beats From The 90’s (Review)

So I was slipped a copy of K-Def’s Beats From The 90’s album a little while back, but I’m glad to say that the collection of vintage instrumentals has been officially released.  K-Def dug into the archives to present us with a collection of 16 original tracks that stand alone, yet would have had any … Read more

Pete Rock NY’s Finest Review

Back towards the end of 2007 I felt very optimistic about the prospects for Hip-Hop in the New Year.  As a matter of fact I still do, especially when looking forward to hearing Pete Rocks latest release NY’s Finest.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only fan anxiously awaiting the return of the PR, so … Read more