Just Blaze Rants Against Akai MPC 5000


The Megatron Don himself just went on a serious diatribe against the newly released Akai MPC 5000.  Superproducer Just Blaze states that the MPC 5000 is, "COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE AND SHOULD NOT BE!"  He even goes on to supply a model number downgrade and correction as, "The 5000 is NOT the successor to the 4000, and it should not be named as such.  A 3500? Yes. (When it is actually fit to use)."

Apparently, as an early adoptor of the unit, he’s run into a number of bugs and other issues that may cause significan interuptions to the creative process.

Read the full review/rant and bug list.

5,781 thoughts on “Just Blaze Rants Against Akai MPC 5000”

  1. Damn! just really went in on the 5000!
    Anyway the mv 8800 is better than any mpc!
    I own a 3000 and 2000xl

    • I agree the mv 8800 is a good machine i’ve made hits from it.
      I just recently sold the MV and now im using Native Instruments Machine..It’s Amazing!!!

  2. after reading his review… I’m glad i held off upgrading to the 5000… (btw he also doesn’t support the mv8000/8800 but not for the same reasons from what i’ve read)
    It is ashame akai had a real chance of getting their name back in proper placement but they had to go and cheapen up… if you read the original release of the manual for the 5000 (when it was first downloadable on the akai website it refered to the new mpc as the 3500 not the 5000 (this was a name change that came later and was even represented in beta os.) FOR SHAME AKAI!

  3. All of you guys have the the rights to feel the way that you do about the so called MPC5000. In fact, it should have not been considered the replacement for the 4000. The 4000 was built from the 3000 and rightfully so. The 3000 was a robust machine and they improved on it with the 4000. On the other hand, the 5000 is only a huge improvement over the 2500. Ladies and gents what you have is a 3500 but Akai decided to paint 5000 on it instead. Shame on Akai for having us fuss and fight over whos right or wrong. We cant see the trees from the forest. Its truly a 3500. The next step up from the 4000 should have been so hot, that people would be standing in lines for hours to be the first to get the iphone of drum machines. I upgraded from a 3000 to a 5000/3500 for $1600.00 plus tax. Although people tell me I got a good deal, I now feel maybe I should have bought a 4000 although I’m okay with my upgrade from the 3000 to the 3500. If you feel me please respond. Thanx for reading.

  4. i am so pissed off with akai . for making a 5000 its not a real producer tool .this is a fucking keyboard with an 8 track and cheesy sounds .and less function then the akai mpc 4000 .newmark took over the akai line and fucked every thing up they used keyboard sounds from alesis keyboard development . two dying companies trying to make a come back ..the 5000/3500 does not beat as nearly hard as the 2000/2000xl or 3000/4000 the sample engine is different it does poses that grit that we grown to love …the next drum sampler that akai should make is a 5000 mk2 they should build off the mpc 4000 format and get a real outlook from real hip hop producer like premier ,just blaze kanye ,neptunes, pete rock, marly marl the mpc should have bit variable between true 12 bit tube crunch 16 bit or 24 bit that way you could have an sp1200 sound if you needed too. it should have at least 8midi ins and outs and a vga monitor out and lexicon effects .larger wide screen lcd with touch screen ,usb and firewire connections for via computer external hard drive or keyboard connections. and a multiple 5/cd burner /recorder.
    ethernet connections for live web search.. wood grain sides and larger arm rest… well thats my dream mpc. if this was ever made you would see more mpc,s flying out the door it would make your head spin

  5. wow i was getting ready to buy the mpc 5000 now im confuse bout which one to buy,cause i like the latest gear the mpc 5000 seems to have a lot of features,i used to have the 3ooo an loved it till the 2000 came out for economic reason i sold the 3 and bought the 2 but always missed the feel for the 3000 i want to come back making music again what should i get im very confused cause i love the loo of 5000 and the 4000 which one should i get

  6. Look ya’ll, I am going to tell you like this, it had some problems no doubt, but they fixed them, IMO, with the new OS 2.0. I never have any problems with my 5K and who gives a shit what they call it? Really? You guy’s seriously care what corporate America call’s something? LMMFAO!

    I have been an MPC users since the 3K (At launch) and have bought every MPC since except the 500 & 1000. Ya’ll can think anyway you want, but why does what Just Blaze say matter to what you buy? Do you really think RZA uses a MV? He doesn’t! He still uses his 2KXL. I realize that Just doesn’t like the 5K but he has even admitted several times that he has not messed with it since the original OS. Which Akai did fu(k up by launching with too many issues but have since rectified. I say shame on Akai for doing that, but don’t ditch a good product (now) cause of some past problems. I love my 5K and what I am worried about is Akai bailing on the 5K because of the initial issues, which is exactly what they did with the 4K. If they do that, I will never support Akai/Numark/Alesis again with my money!


  7. i ended up buying the mpc 4000 whoa that’s a lot of machine i understand it but it seems there’s so much features in this things this machine is way diffrent from a 3000 and the 5000 look like a toy compare to the 4000 im gonna get to know it and see what happens

  8. as far as just blaze is concern the 5ooo might seem crappy at first just like i hated the 2000 but when i got to really use it,i still thought it sounded a little thin but i thought ity was a more advanced machine from the 3000,now a lot of people swear by the 2000 same thing gonna happen with the 5000 they’ll love it soon including just blaze it seems like more advance from the 4000 but the 4000 seems to be better built and it looks like a real drum machine whereas the 5000 seems more like synth drum machine roland knock off…eventually the line of mpc will be smething like this 1.mpc 4000,mpc 5000,mpc 3000,mpc 2000 the rest can just be collector items or just junks

  9. i j ust bought a mpc 3000 whoa that takes back i bought it to sell it but it sounds so much better than my 4000 i dont know what to now cause i dont think i should keep both what o do

  10. I would have to agree. I went to Guitar Center and played with it for 2 hrs and just off the top I could tell it was a down grade to my 4000.

  11. I like all da mpc.I have 2000xl hade a1000 ,but now its time to get da big boy 5000 boys . Iam going 2 do it. Fuck what thay say . You live 1 time have fun

  12. Hey main yall can fall up off the mpc 5000 that thing is ready,I admit the stock sounds could be better,but you have to tweak them,to make them sound better,thats why they give you that feature duhhhhh,anyway you guyz talking noise about this and that mpc,can you even sample?I mean really good,I can lmao,Its all based on creativity,the mpc is not just a drum machine,its a sampler,so you might need to just step yo game up before you see what the 5000 is really is capable of,Akai was wrong for putting ot on the market like they did,because it would freeze up,but os 2.0 fixed all of that,I love the mpc 5000 it is the best one ever made!!!WORD

  13. i know i didnt juss see some fool said the 8800 is better than the mpc.u must never owned a 4000.and i have 3000,2000xl,4000 and the 8000 the 4000 is the mass murderer little jr step ur production game up


  15. Another thing to consider is that the MPC5000 isnt a Real Akai…. Numark the DJ company bought Akai in mid 2006. That’s the big difference you see with Akai now… The last real MPC was the 4000… The MPC 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 was all Numark’s way of getting the “Akai MPC” and making it availible to all. Kind of the way Digidesign made the Mbox and put ProTools into everybodies hands… So grab an MPC 3000 or 4000 while you still can cause there will never be another upgrade to the MPC ever again…

  16. I have used many models of MPCs, but never the 5000. I think that people should stop saying that this or that is better than the other, because it ultimately comes down to how you use it. To be honest, all I use these days is my 1000 because it’s small and the 2 midi outs are enough to control and sync all of my gear. (Thank god for MIDI thru, huh?) I don’t know how the 4000 is supposed to be so much better than the 2500 aside from a bigger screen and improved sequencer resolution. (Which doesn’t matter for generic hip-hop producers since they aren’t usually playing complicated keyboard/synth parts.) All MPC’s are sufficient for hip-hop. Personally, I think the 1000/2500 are the best bang for the buck. I got my black 1000 used on ebay with maxed RAM for $290 SHIPPED! 2 of the pads are screwed up but who cares? I can replace them but I just don’t use them.. problem solved. The days of using floppy disks and SCSI devices is over. Forget that noise. I’d rather have a 2500 than a 1000 mainly just for the bigger pads and 4 midi outs. People need to stop looking at what their idols use and just get something and master it. It’s not about what you have… it’s about your mastery of the gear and the talent and dedication to make something decent. Personally, I don’t try to be some big name producer and make money from music… that’s just stupid. Music is a hobby. Welcome to the real world. Most cats make beats at home for fun. Stop the bickering and gear snobbery.

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