DJ Jazzy Jeff Live Tour Footage

DJ Jazzy Jeff reveals tour footage of him rocking throngs of tightly packed partygoers through a score of countries.

Diamond D Live @ Shadow Lounge + Digging Stories

33 1/3 Media serves up a night of vinyl breaks and samples with D.I.T.C. producer/DJ Diamond. Unfortunately I’m told that one of the SD cards was corrupted and a ton of the footage was lost. Still, it’s great to hear digging stories and see Diamond in action.

Vestax PMC-05 Pro Beginnings w/ Qbert and Yogafrog

Many DJ’s, including myself, spent a significant portion of their lives standing behind a Vestax PMC-05 Pro mixer. Here DJ Qbert, Yogafrog, and discuss the birth and evolution of the Vestax PMC-05 Pro mixer, which happened to be first mixer to ever have a hamster switch.

DJ Jazzy Jay Bondi FM Interview

I love hearing DJ Jazzy Jay Talk about hip-hop. Here the hip-hop pioneer visits Bondi FM to talk about the evolution of the genre.

DMC World Champions from 1987 to present

DMC World drops a quick compilation of performances of each of the DMC World Champions from 1987 to present. The condensed lesson in DJ history features Chad Jackson, Cash Money, Cutmaster Swift, DJ David, The Rocksteady DJ’s, Dream Team, Roc Raida, DJ Noize, A-Trak, DJ Craze, Plus One, Kentaro, Dopey, ieMERG, Netik, Rafik, DJ Fly, … Read more

Qbert Explains Thud Rumble, Partnership w/ Yoga Frog

In part 2 of DJ Revolution’s interview with Qbert the turntablist explains Thud Rumble, which manufactures and markets products that cater to scratch DJ’s. Qbert explains how Thud Rumble and partnership with Yoga Frog fits into his spiritual world and the importance of karma and contributing something useful to the world. You got to make … Read more

Qbert Octagon Interview w/ The Cut Pt 1

DJ Revolution steps into Qbert infamous Octagon to talk about the origin of Qbert drive to DJ, making pause tapes at the age 13, the role that positive self-talk played in his success, regional influences, and the Filipino hip-hip scene.