Qbert Octagon Interview w/ The Cut Pt 1

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  1. Grandmaster Q. Truly inspirational with his down-to-earthness and spiritual worldview, yet he’ll bust anyone’s ass on the 1 & 2’s. Big up’s!!!

  2. hell yeah, i used to rock pause tapes when i was 12 (around ’91) making songs backspin and make continuous mixes. then my mom copped a minus one karaoke machine that could play 2 tapes simultaneously and had a pitch control for the b-side and i learned how to blend and mix with cassettes. but back to the subject, this was a dope interview. Q’s one of my biggest influences. it’s funny that Rev brings up the filipino issue because where i’m from (when i started) there weren’t a lot of filipino dj’s that cut it up at the time and when we found out about q and the rock steady dj’s aka skratch piklz, we were like damn, they’re filipino too and killing it! then the beat junkies got some shine and it was like damn, they’re filipino too! they helped change the dj game and brought it to the next level, helping create the whole turntablism movement. it was a definite boost in confidence for us flips and a huge inspiration. before that we had no one in hip hop to look up to. everyone back in the P.I. were mad cheesy and corny, but these dudes were reppin’ the true essence of hip hop culture and were some of the best dj’s on the planet! definitely made me train harder and set the bar for my goals as a dj. you can tell the impact these guys had on the asian community cuz look at most major battles after 95 and you’ll see how many more filipinos and asians participated.

  3. @ disko dave i agree with you on the whole filipino influence/inspiration/impact ISP & Beat Junkies made. Qbert was totally like a Jordan figure for us filipinos.

  4. I tried to work with pause tapes in ’84-85, but never pulled off a good tape. A dude we never liked around the way got a little fame because he was good at it… give credit where it’s due… but then it got me to a point that I was like F-that, I’ll but your azz on a turntable and delivered the message and action. After losing a battle against me homie never picked up a turntable of mixer! yay, me!

  5. Pause tapes? Definitely back in the day before getting true turntables.

    Nice interview.


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