DJ Jazzy Jay Bondi FM Interview

5 thoughts on “DJ Jazzy Jay Bondi FM Interview”

  1. First of all, big up Semantik for bringing the video but this interviewer ruins it. I’m English and been into hip hop for the last 15 years and after watching this video i hang my head in shame. Not only is this dude clueless, as mentioned by Mac Hustle, i dont think he even know who this dude is or what he’s done. His questions were so weak and distant, they could have related to anything. Fair play he’s doing his thing, i aint hating on this but do some research and ask intelligent and thought thru questions god dammit.

  2. First of all, big up to Semantik for the upload but this dude makes me ashamed to be English and into hiphop. Does he know who he’s even interviewing? At least research your guest and ask some intelligent and original questions.

  3. I’m trying to give Bondi the benefit of the doubt. He might have had this opportunity last minute, and just had to go with it (this has happened to all of us who are required to create web content). Besides, web content is web content – you can probably find better video interviews with DJ Jazzy J other places online. I have to admit, though, Bondi just didn’t know anything about the history… how could you not?

  4. And what about the annoying noise people are making in the background. Was this interview done in a pub? SMH!

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