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T-Pain Suing Maker of Auto-Tune Antares


The irony is overwhelming! Yes, you read it correctly. T-Pain and Auto-Tune are having having serious legal issues. If there were anyone who should proclaim eternal love for Auto-Tune, it would be T-Pain. Now the artist/producer is suing Antartes, the maker of Auto-Tune, for at least $1 million in damages because he claims that the company is using his likeness without permission.

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Production Highlights: Shafiq Husayn, Michael Jackson

Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra discusses artistic philosophy and the need poorly made music as a contrast to good music. (via Ignantwitted) The masses of the people think the music industry is like a get rich scheme now. ¬†Having a beat machine and rhyming is like the new jump shop or the new 40 yard dash. … Read more

Best Buy & Dr. Dre Create Club Beats In-Store DJ Section

Look out Guitar Center, Best Buy, Dr. Dre, Monster Cable have partnered up to bring DJ’ing even farther into the mainstream. With the creation of an in-store area appropriately named “Club Beats”, the retailer plans to offer a broad selection of DJ related and music making products. Best Buy sees this DJ-focused offering as something … Read more

Production Quick Hits (News & Updates)

Sit back and catch on the day’s production news and releases… DJ Ian Head drops his October 2009 mix entitled Good ‘Ol Soul (For Carlos), which is dedicated to Carlos Alvarez. Today Native Instruments ABSYNTH 5, GUITAR RIG 4 PRO, KONTAKT 4, and KOMPLETE 6 became officially available. The New York Times tells the story … Read more

Dr. Dre + HP Aim To Improve Digital Sound Quality

In a recent interview, Jimmy Iovine discussed ambitious plans to increase the quality of digital sound for more discerning listeners.  By forming a strategic alliance, which so far includes producer Dr. Dre. and computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, all parties hope to address the needs of audiophiles by not only improving the quality of digital sound files, … Read more

The Unauthorized Biography of DJ Premier

After detailing the career of Just Blaze, OTA returns with The Unauthorized Biography of DJ Premier.  The feature covers Primo’s start as a DJ in Texas, his move to New York, and the influence of Marley Marl on his style.  The biography ultimately documents the story of Gangstarr and DJ Premier’s unparalleled influence on generations … Read more

Madlib On Cover of The Wire Magazine

The August 2009 issue of The Wire magazine features an interview with none other than Stones Throw producer/musican Madlib.  In his first interview since 2006, Madlib touches on such topics as growing up in Oxnard, CA, early musical influences, thoughts on technology, and personal reasons for making music. Notable Interview Excerpts: "My computer?" echoes Madlib … Read more

Murs On Dr. Dre’s Production Genius

Murs talks about the true meaning of being a producer, The Chronic, and the significance of Dr. Dre’s musical creations. Notable Quote: "At the end of the day a producer is someone like Quincy Jones, like Diddy, and like Dr. Dre who gets in there and tells you what’s hot…"