Production News

Havoc Challenges Kanye West

A tipsy Havoc offers a friendly challenge to Kanye West to see who has the best beats.  Kind of funny that he knows the track numbers, but not the names of the songs that he produced.  

Timbaland Leaving The Music Biz?

We all know that producer Timbaland can come off a little arrogant at times, but that’s sort of expected after making such a long string of hits.  Recently, according to, Timbaland states that “Music is boring right now. I’m too innovative for the world" and that he’ll be leaving the music business.

Sampling Copyright Laws Have Changed!

Here’s an interesting article about how the NWA/Funkadelic court ruling has effected the future of Hip-Hop production and the music business.  Pay attention and make sure you dig hard, chop those samples, and use your filters! Can Hip Hop Live Without Sampling?

R.I.P to Hip Hop Producer Disco D

I’d like to say R.I.P. to Disco D who passed away from suicide on January 22nd. I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet him, but to this day I am still awestruck with the work that he did on 50 Cent’s "Ski Mask Way".

I’m Back!!!

Ahhh yeah… It’s been a while since I’ve been around, but we’re finally back in effect with a number of changes and completed projects, including the redesign of Crate Kings and development of my other site Own The Frame, which is centered around the subject of lifehacks and office/personal productivity. I hope that everyone like … Read more