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Dr. Dre’s Dr. Pepper Commercial Offers Detox First Glimpse

I suppose pitching soda is the next logical move after signing off on your own signature headphones.  The latest Dr. Pepper commercial, which features Dr. Dre, his headphones, and a preview of a track from his upcoming Detox album, will officially hit the airwaves on June, 1. "It may just be a few seconds of … Read more

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins Gives Back To LA Community

Loyal readers may have noticed that Crate Kings tends to stay away from such stories as stolen beat controversies, producer beefs, and celebrity misfortunes. Without preaching too much, we do our best to report stories and videos that are neutral to positive or at least contain some form of constructive and intelligent criticism instead of … Read more

Evidence Pro Tools Promo: Digital Recording + The Weatherman LP

Dilated Peoples MC/producer Evidence talks about being introduced to production by QD3, his relationship with the rest of the group, and The Weatherman LP. Later Evidence discusses working with Pro Tools, the virtues digital recording, and the ability to freely experiment with sound. Hilarious Notable Quote: "Pro Tools is right up there with the microwave."

Rsonist On Producer Business Issues, DipSet Sound, and Crash Crew

Rsonist of The Heatmakerz tells the story of initially getting involved in production while in college, his first big record, and cultivating the DipSet sound.

He also discusses his experience working with managers, the importance of building relationships with artists, the responsibility of personally handling business issues, and the sound that dominated New York Hip-Hop at the hight of The Diplomats.

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Crate Kings Now Appearing On Twitter!

It took us long enough you say?  Well, we all knew it was going to happen eventually.  Come follow Crate Kings on Twitter, give a shout, and rediscover the wonders of creative music production.  No more excuses: RSS + Daily Email Updates + Twitter = All the production & DJ news you can handle! Hit … Read more

Kev Brown’s $200 Beat Sale: Part 2

Kev Brown just announced that original tracks are available from him for only $200.  Yes, for the price of one month’s cable (including premium channels), you too can be heard over a Kev Brown beat.  The catch… only 2 track format will be provided for this price, multitrack sessions cost extra. Visit Kev Brown’s site … Read more

J Dilla Month/Happy Birthday Tributes

Well, today is J Dilla’s birthday.  I highly encourage everyone to take a moment, pull out your favorite Dilla production, and appreciate the masterful work he performed behind the boards.  Also check out some of the other things happening on and off the net. Andy Brown pays a happy birthday tribute to J Dilla with … Read more

Algorythm Talks Records, Reason, Beat Battle Strategy

Producer Algorythm reveals his plan for taking on Best Kept Secret and winning the Washington D.C. heat of the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle.  He also talk about his production first starts, working with Reason, and a small hidden stash of vinyl.

Maroon 5’s Call & Response Features Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, Pharrell, and more

According to Billboard, Maroon 5’s remix album entitled Call & Response is scheduled for release on December 9th and features the production handiwork of Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, Questlove, Pharrell Williams, DJ Quick, David Banner, The Cool Kids, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Mark Ronson, and more.  Needless to say it should be very interesting to hear … Read more