Evidence Pro Tools Promo: Digital Recording + The Weatherman LP

Dilated Peoples MC/producer Evidence talks about being introduced to production by QD3, his relationship with the rest of the group, and The Weatherman LP.

Later Evidence discusses working with Pro Tools, the virtues digital recording, and the ability to freely experiment with sound.

Hilarious Notable Quote:
"Pro Tools is right up there with the microwave."

400 thoughts on “Evidence Pro Tools Promo: Digital Recording + The Weatherman LP”

  1. Dope, but obviously old. Ev is on his 2nd solo release right now and Pro Tools doesn’t even look like that anymore since they went to version 8. Nonetheless, dope segment.

  2. Evidence is hella ill one of the favs…He did some tracks for the Homies Thursday and Y-O of the group U-N-I from Los Angeles.

    Peep out A Love Supreme by U-N-I x Ro Blvd the record was produced by my Boy Ro Blvd.


  3. (Correct grammar) The mixer on Evidence’s desk is most likely a Mackie 8-Bus, 24 or 32 channel.

    ***I’m used to a “preview post” button. That usually let’s me proof my ish!!!

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