T-Pain Suing Maker of Auto-Tune Antares


The irony is overwhelming! Yes, you read it correctly. T-Pain and Auto-Tune are having having serious legal issues. If there were anyone who should proclaim eternal love for Auto-Tune, it would be T-Pain. Now the artist/producer is suing Antartes, the maker of Auto-Tune, for at least $1 million in damages because he claims that the company is using his likeness without permission.

Crate Kings has definitely been critical of T-Pain in the past, so here’s the REAL million dollar question. Does Antares owe T-Pain $1Million Dollars or does T-Pain owe Antares his career and the many millions that he’s accumulated over the years?

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11 thoughts on “T-Pain Suing Maker of Auto-Tune Antares”

  1. Antares has been around 4 awhile. although T-Pain has re- birthed it’s success over the years I would have thought they where already in co hoots with each other . Who would have thought a wedding would end in divorce ,it’s gotta be more than the public knows about.Can anybody sing anymore anyways…

    • Even though I’m not a big fan of the auto tune thing I give props to Pain for bringing it on a hip hop level. As far as him using auto tune, he paid for a product so how ever much money he makes is his business and he owes no one. Now if Antares stamped his name on a product that he didn’t endorse or standby in a contractual agreement then he suppose to sue the hell out of them. Thats called “THE LAW” ladies and gentlemen as well as business 101.
      Get Em T-Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I look at Auto tune as another tool. if he can use it to his advantage then cool. becuz not everyone can use that shit. some ppl sound horrible on it. but T-pain is out of line suing the company. his career is in the tank after DOA dropped

  3. thats krazy did roger troutman george duke or dj quik sue the dude who made the talk box hell no thats like me suing the akai becuz i use the mpc

  4. He is going to lose. Plain and simple. Suing somebody is not how you go about professionally ending business relationships, especially after the ink has dried. It’s only been a month since that deal ended, do you honestly believe marketing strategies can flip 360 in a snap just like that? This nigga has been the flagship of Auto-Tune’s success, I don’t believe Antares had a clear strategy to what they would do by the time this deal ended.

    And vaguely, I think this guy is just being a dick. Because he can.

  5. so yep reading this kinda pisses me off. people come up to me and say “have you seen the new t-pain mic?” and all i can do is shake my head in embarrasment and dissapointment. though honestly this appeals to some, the not so musicly minded people may grab on but to myself and others that have a microphone and autotune and can use it wisely, all we need to do is turn my microphone on and set up auto tune how i like. the “t-pain effect” isnt really his effect to proclaim. antares auto tune has been processing and tuning vocals for quite sometime, infact im sure cher used it along time ago so lets all go out and distribute a “i am Cher mic” i like t-pain but this is just soooo stupid, and even the software he has come out with is a cheaper crappier lil shit lookin application which does the same thing that Antares Auto Tune does only easier. so does celemony’s Melodyne and other in DAW application for auto tune if anything Auto tune should be suing T-pain. thats all i can say on this matter. i honestly believe its quite pathetic. :p much love and peace 🙂 – Kayne

  6. T-Pain should of course be sued. It’s not his effect. Cher created the effect in 1997, and the likes of Daft Punk, Eiffel 65, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Capsule, Brittany Spears, Culture Beat and more have used this effect from the 90’s to the early 2000’s. Again, as it is not his effect, even though he claims it is, his ass should be sued. He makes shitty, soulless, meaningless music anyways (except for sex – that’s really the only meaning to his music – bitches, money, and more bitches…what an asshole) and the only people who should have bragging rights are Cher and her producers. Antares should not only sue T-Pain, but I think it’s time his career came to its end

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