Don Cannon’s New Balance Promo

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  1. Please syrup your content game up you guys,this website is falling off,stop posting shit that’s posted on every hip hop blog. Please do better CK

    • You’re a disloyal piece of human waste. You are the perfect example of the kind of fickle fan that has caused people who truly love hip-hop to do other things. Go swallow a bottle of sleeping pills and save the rest of the world some grief.

  2. Phuck what ya heard “CRATE KINGS” is still relevant you think other sites don’t experience down time or Hiccups you trippin . Those that think they can do better please….
    I’m waiting….
    In my B-Boy stance…..

  3. This video inspiring, and I gotta learn about Don Cannon. I only recognized his tags but I wana check out the music he produced or projects he been part of.

    But when we talkin about Crate Kings, I’m a lil upset that this site has to do one post every two or three weeks. I’ve been a reader frequently for a year and I cannot believe how weak this shit got. I just wish CK could step it up and bring some new posts, new info to read etc, cuz this wack. This site had a nice part of my inspiration when I work on beats and was helpful when I started.

  4. If you haven’t heard his work on the Mania mixtape (Pac Div) – you gotta go cop it. It’s a free download.

    And for all of those people complaining about the site content or the frequency of updates, have you volunteered to help maintain the site?

  5. I too come to this site for inspiration. However, as a blogger I know how hard it can be to find fresh, new content to post that is not generic to every other site. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine this site is more a labor of love than a site Semantik uses to pay his bills. Cut dude some slack. Maybe he’s putting in more hours at the office etc… Similar to Ghost, I welcome someone to start there own site if they can do better. I’ll be the your biggest fan

    • Thanks. I appreciate the understanding and good words. It’s funny how real life, work, a proper vacation, and other things can drag you away from the keyboard.

      Longtime readers know that this is a labor of love, though the time and effort that it takes to find quality production content, which is relatively obscure and extremely difficult to unearth, then write about it is not always appreciated.

      Like you, I welcome anyone talking smack to try it for themselves. Good luck.

  6. I’ve been coming to CK almost daily for over 3 years now & have nothing but respect & appreciation for what Semantik has done here. He created THE best online resource AND community for DJ’s, producers, beat-makers, & fans alike & worked hard to bring us quality content that we never once had to pay a dime for.

    Not only have I learned a great deal about music production & been consistently inspired, but I’ve met a lot of people here who are now friends.

    Maybe instead of anonymously tearing down the site with negative comments, people can show respect & say thank you for what it has meant to them over the years.

  7. people talk ish allllllllll dang day! thats easy for them to do…those who talk ish rarely have the drive to do the very thing that they complain about! Keep doing you bro and pay these kacklig hens no attention!

  8. It looks like CK is going through the same thing that is going through with the lack of quality stories out there and the resulting lapse between posts. I’d rather wait 3 or 4 weeks for a dope Pete Rock or Premo interview than get bombarded by the same stuff I’d find at XXL. I’ll live with the droughts as long as yall keep it funky with what you do post. I’m ridin’ with ya…

  9. Great to see Don Cannon making more moves!!… Ok, my rant…. CK IS RELIVANT to all us “real heads” & I’m like Oskamadison (above post) in that I’ll wait for news related to “true hip hop”!! I don’t wanna read about “pop/rap” shit everyday!! Most all the other sites already do this except a few of the true one’s like Crate Kings! What do you think that title means??? Crates, diggin’, dusty LP’s & 45’s, coughing from the dust, that crackle when you drop the needle, mom & pop yard sales, thrift stores, etc!! Yes, I know, technology evolves, creates, & makes things better for us, BUT didn’t all this & everything else start with a firm foundation?? That is what REAL hip hop was built on, a firm foundation! It’s still here, yeah you may have to dig a little deeper than before to get it, but it’s here & NOT going anywhere! Believe me, it’s too many of us out here pushing it along in our own little ways for it not to! Crate Kings has built on to this foundation! We have to support it & the other few no matter what!! You true heads know how WACK AZZ some of these other forms of hip hop have gotten! So make Youtube beats, submit tracks to Premo, Pete Rock, Large Pro, do those local shows, post old school tracks on your blog, pumping up new underground produced/lyric laced tracks in the ride, whatever it takes people!! We just cannot let the true art of hip hop die, & I for one won’t stand for it!!! What we may do maybe small, but every little bit helps!! That young cat riding or walking by may hear YOU playing some Dilla produced track & ask you, what is that? That’s DOPE!! That simple curiosity has made them an instant fan! It’s little things like this that will keep the hip hop “WE” love alive!! Crate Kings, continue to do what you can, you have a fan & follower in me!! THANKS!!

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