Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust

Producer Eliot Lipp talks about his start in music and takes us into his studio to show off his crazy collection of analog gear including:

  • Jomox XBase-09
  • MFB Synth-II
  • Plan B modular synths
  • Atari Synthcart
  • Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano

I love his attitude about making music for yourself and completing instrumental compositions.  There’s also a quick trip the The Thing record/thrift shop!

10 thoughts on “Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust”

  1. Eliot seems to be gettin’ alot of hype at the moment – He deserves it…

    His latest album ‘The Outside’ is awesome and I highly recommend it.

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