K-Def – Beats From The 90’s (Review)


So I was slipped a copy of K-Def’s Beats From The 90’s album a little while back, but I’m glad to say that the collection of vintage instrumentals has been officially released.  K-Def dug into the archives to present us with a collection of 16 original tracks that stand alone, yet would have had any mc with a taste for the original Hip-Hop itching to get on and do their thing. 

Fans of the sound that cemented the 90’s as a great period of Hip-Hop will find themselves instantly at home on a number of tracks.  Head nods are guaranteed with joints like the the hauntingly dark “Dramaz” to the exciting “Ain’t No Crime”, and “Jam On It” where K-Def gives his own stylish take on the Nucleus’ hit by the same name.  My personal favorite “Monty” kept iTunes on repeat with the rugged drums, filtered bassline, and echoed horns.

I guess you could call Beats From The 90’s an album of levels.  On one hand there’s the simple musical appreciation, but there are also huge insights to be gained if time and technology are taken into consideration.  It’s easy to be stunned when thinking about the fact that tracks were composed during the previous decade.

Head on over to Amazon or iTunes to snatch up a copy.

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  1. Wow, good look…copped it off Itunes. I actually never really knew about K-Def, and I’m already a fan. This is sort of how I like beats to sound = grimy, but at the same time clean and hard hitting. I’m gonna roll around in my work van and bump this all week just to study it.Thanks again Semantik -100.

  2. well, today i entered a record shop and this lp was running. i immediately liked what i heard and i was glad that this is also released on cd. always searching for dope beats this one is straight for me. i don’t need loud, aggressive mc’s who only distract from the music talking the same shit over and over again, so this one is perfect hiphop for me. the dopest beats next to Pete Rock i would say.

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