The Greatest Defunct Hip Hop Magazines of All Time

Today while waiting for the lady of the house to finish using the computer, I picked up an old, mint condition issue of Grand Slam magazine with Questlove on the cover. Now out of business, Grand Slam was one of my all time favorite reads and featured quality, well researched writing and covered a number … Read more

Book Review – Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop

It is fairly tough to find decent information about diggin’ and sampling and I usually can’t stand to read sholarly material about Rap/Hip Hop by such people as Sociologists or Ethnomusicologists. However, despite moments of cringing, such as the author definition of a “break” and what “digging in the crates” means, Making Beats by Joseph … Read more

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About Crate Kings

Crate Kings is an urban music production news website written primarily by Semantik with occasional contributions from DJ Trends and a number of very generous readers. Updated daily, Crate Kings delivers news about DJ and producer battles, software updates, equipment releases, producer interviews, music industry conferences, and more. With each update Crate Kings seeks to … Read more