Book Review – Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop

Making BeatsIt is fairly tough to find decent information about diggin’ and sampling and I usually can’t stand to read sholarly material about Rap/Hip Hop by such people as Sociologists or Ethnomusicologists. However, despite moments of cringing, such as the author definition of a “break” and what “digging in the crates” means, Making Beats by Joseph Schloss does a very good job of covering the mostly misunderstood aspects of these now lost arts of Hip Hop.

Making Beats really shines when it comes to explaining the ethics of diggin’ & sampling as well as shedding light on some of the extremes that Hip Hop producers and collectors will go throught to get their hands on the goodies. It was great to hear comments and opinions from notable diggers such as Soulman and The Conmen (Jake One & Mr. Supreme) concerning their particular views on how digging should be done. So… purchase or download the book, get schooled, and join me in the crates for some good ol’ diggin fun!

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