The Best Beat Making Videos

About a year ago I went through a bit of a strange phase where I felt the need to hunt down every single beat making video that I could find on the net. Like many of my endless obsessive hunts, I took this to the absolute extreme and ended up having to eventually purchase a new hard drive to hold all my gems. I found so many videos that I must admit there are still a lot that I haven’t had the time to view yet. Here is a little sample of what I found in my hunt.

119 thoughts on “The Best Beat Making Videos”

  1. If you tell me that you are going to show me the 10 Greatest Beat Making Videos Ever don’t send me to a selling trap I came into this site because this is what I love to do miusic ya dont give me that…..

  2. @dJ CUQUI
    This post was written 2 years ago and at the time the above like was a huge database of production videos. The link has been removed. We may replace it in the future, then again… maybe not.

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