5th Seal’s Production Setup & Vinyl Collection

13 thoughts on “5th Seal’s Production Setup & Vinyl Collection”

  1. I love to see when cats use the bare basics to make dope beats. MPC,vinyl,mixer… what else do you really need? Learning WHAT to sample and HOW to arrange sequences and being fresh and creative in the process is IMO the most essential element in beat making. I dont care what machine or software you have; It all starts from that one spark. I look forward to seeing and hearing more.

  2. I like the fact how he just used the MPC also. Nice record collection as well. I wanna see more from 5th Seal.

  3. I never heard of 5th Seal but that beat is crazy! I wanna hear more from him. I use a mpc 2000xl also. Keep then coming semantik!

  4. Hot Record collection! I seen some 45’s in the beginning of the video. I know they always have good samples on them. I like how 5th seal has all the sounds chopped up on the pads of the mpc and puts them together. His drums sound really tuff as well. Much respect to 5th seal! I am looking forward to seeing his next video.

  5. This is producer inspiration right here. I love it. Now I wanna make a beat. The piano chops are hardness! Boom Bap to the fullest right here. Does he have any more videos for us?

  6. Nice looking Record collection and good video I would like to see the next one a lil longer. I use the mpc 200oxl also. His drums are rocking hard.

  7. This 5th seal producer is definitely going in on this beat. I like the record collection too. True Hip hop production right here from 5th.

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