A-Trak Brooklyn Recording Studio Tour

DJ A-Trak takes viewers inside of his relatively minimalist Brooklyn recording studio. A-Trak shows of his computer-based setup that uses Apple Logic as its core.

Production Toolkit:

  • MIDI Keyboard
  • Harmonica
  • Moogerfooger
  • Drumcomputer MFB-503
  • Apogee Duet
  • Logic 9.0
  • Pioneer DJM 800
  • Serato Scratch Live
  • A couple of hundred records

[Respect to Tha S Ence!]

11 thoughts on “A-Trak Brooklyn Recording Studio Tour”

  1. Great, cool …best sound ever, lets take all the soul out of sampling/music, what a man … sponsorship by any chance?

    • your right lets not create anything original and just do whats been done for the last 20 years, i create soul i dont sample it. but atrack does sample and lets not forget he was the dmz champ and that barbara streisand track was sick.

      • word up what makes me laugh is that all these dudes front on the new technologies but hip hop was built of new technologies. planet rock for example.
        I think a lot of cats are having mid-lifes crisis’

  2. Whats the point of having a appogee duet if you dont run any audio into it ? He said it has the best sound this may be true but if nothing is going into it only sound coming out why should i buy that ?

    • Because it is that which is processing the sound that is within the machine as well.

      As for why should u buy that? its all down to preference, personally I wouldnt use it myself, or a computer.. but different strokes for different folks

  3. @ Benni I understand apogee sounds good coming out to the speakers but If your doing everything in the box or on the computer per ‘se and not for instance taking a trs cable and plugging in a guitar or mpc how will it make your music sound better ? logic is gonna sound like logic and pro tools , reason , fruity loops or battery gonna sound the same pending on what kind of plugins and internal processing you use .unless you run the signal out to an avalon or a mackie or something to fatten up the sound and run it back in .

    • the apogee is the internal processor for logic just like you could use a big ben to make it sync better you change the settings in logic and pt. I think you are applying analog theory to this. True if you record a bass or something in you might not get that big of a difference out but hes not recording anything in its all midi trigering different vsts and since its all digital ( 1 and 0) the the processor will allow you to get a different value of 1 and 0 than your card on your computer therfore getting a bettter sound from the vsts by processing faster or being able to handle more information its dialed in for higer quality audio conversion.

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