Kev Brown Rereleases Commentary Vols. 1 & 2


In case you missed them when we first mentioned them a few years back, Kev Brown has once again made Commentary Volumes 1 (2005) and 2 (2007) available again for the public.

The coffee and 151 induced collections feature Kev revealing the background, history, and creation of his favorite instrumentals using an MPC 2000XL. Both volumes are essential to producers who are interested in the beat creation process and manipulation of samples and sounds. Do yourself a favor and go listen.

Commentary via Kev Brown

6 thoughts on “Kev Brown Rereleases Commentary Vols. 1 & 2”

  1. Yoooo . . . straight jewels here . . . Kev droppin’ science on these joints . . . once again Cratekings bringin’ dat knowledge . . . This is crazy inspirational any and every producer, beatmaker, hip hop head, backpacker, etc. etc. should be on this . . . both volumes are on lock for the commute for the next month; scratch dat the next year so much knowledge it’s crazy . . . Big Ups to CrateKings and definite BIG UPS to KEV BROWN for doing this for the people . . . and they say HIP HOP IS DEAD naw man ya just got to be lookin’ . . . ONE

  2. Mannnnn I really enjoyed both volumes of this. Kev is always consistent & to hear him break it down like that was a real treat. I agree fully with Kado Avant – just gotta look for it – good music is everywhere.

  3. yeah, D/L’d this the first time he released em. They are very dope and extremely inspirational!!! Kev is a genius! The way he flips samples is crazy, his drums are always so warm and they slap and his basslines!!!!! C’mon, Kev Brown’s basslines are legendary status.

  4. Yeah man,Kev Brown definitley desrves to be reguarded as one of the best producers in hip hop.These downloads are exactly what aspiring producers want to hear. He`s droppin` knowledge and is a humorus guy to boot. These are definitley a collector`s item and can be listened to over and over again.

  5. I listen to these all the time. Got them a while back. He’s funny. He’s like, Im not really doing anything crazy, im not inventing the wheel, its just taking a bass note and puttin it in the 16 levels and making a bassline. Haha.

    • Exactly!!! Thats what makes him both endearing and genius! I mean, he’s using the same mpc that thousands of others have but he’s doing stuff with it that is hard to duplicate but he’s way too humble to ever say that. He’s extremely talented and humble, he’s like the polar opposite of ArabBeats. lol!!!

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