RJD2’s Custom Spinning Wireless MPC Remote

500 thoughts on “RJD2’s Custom Spinning Wireless MPC Remote”

  1. seems like alot of effort and ingenious thinking for a pretty lame outcome, most people would have no idea what the fuck was even happening when he starts pressing buttons on what looks like a belt buckle designed by a harcore candy raver

    • nah anyone who’s at a rjd2 concert probably could figure out that he’s using it to make music

  2. for a live show this is genius, the crowd never understands doing beats live but to be able to walk around during a set with this could really expand that element

  3. cool concept on the wireless controller. I wouldnt be surprised if he gets contacted to a collaboration or if they just steal his idea for a wireless midi controller. I’ll pass on the whole spinning buckle part.

    • I was thinking the same ZZ-Top thing once he said the keyboard going wireless part. Why not do the RJD2 version of “legs” or some $#!t?? RJ has been making all his own stuff for years and doing it well. I too love his older stuff more but the most recent stuff is a step back to that flavor…example Let there be horns, Giant squid, The stranger & small Plans.

  4. Well that stands out well in comparison to the norm. Ingenious, on his part, to have thought this through. Now, all we have to do is watch for a ‘copycat’ come along with something to top it — assuming that that can be done.
    Good damn Post!

  5. Why does it need to spin lol? What if the spinning function was coupled with another type of sound, maybe a turntable scratch ya know?

  6. dope video and all,but when is cratekings putting videos of not so knowen cats?
    i keep mailing with beattapes etcetc but all i watch is what famous people doing in their videos,i mean people who not knowen officialy like me never get a chance,but its all good sites like this needs to attract the fans of the artist so their site gets knowen,anyways its dope what he has done but nothing special all the crowd cares for is the music beiing played

    • I just want to see dope vids on here. Dont care who’s in em. Dope beat related vids is the reason I have this site in my favs

    • I can only imagine how many requests this site must get. From what I can tell, they post videos of people who have made some sort of impact. My suggestion is start making youtube vids and if they’re good and interesting enough they might someday end up here. On the other hand there are countless other blogs you can submit your projects for review to.

  7. I saw him live about the time he did this video. I thought the hardware was a great rig especially the fact he got the crowd involved in squarepushing. Most notably he was sporting welding gear with ‘commissioner crotchbuttons’ across his back…

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