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Cassette Tape Neckties Supply Analog Style

It’s not unusual for fans to wear their musical tastes on their sleeves, so it’s only fitting that some would also want wear it around their necks.  These limited-edition Sonic Fabric neckties consist of actual recycled audio cassette tape interwoven with polyester thread to create the ultimate combination of audio and visual style. Visit Supermarket … Read more

Cassette Tape Measure Is Analog Enhanced DIY


Producers, audiophiles, and other overall music enthusiasts tend to have somewhat of  a handyman (or handywoman) streak that’s always itching to get out of them.  It’s only fitting that when installing speaker mounts or measuring square footage for sound insulation one would rather perform the task with an entertaining tool such as the Cassette Tape Measure by Gama-Go.  For $8 you really can’t go wrong.

Grab your own from Gama-Go!

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Philly DJ Day Hats by ELMCOMPANY

Best of luck in getting your hands on one of these limited edition Philadelphia DJ Day fitteds .  The limited run was created by ElmCompany especially for notable participants in the city’s September 24th event. [via Strictly Fitteds]

Diesel Turntable & DJ Inspired Bedding

You say that you eat, sleep, and breath production, but do you really mean it?  As part of their Lifestyle Home Textile Collection, Diesel has designed and released a set of turntable bedding inspired by DJ’s and producers. Visit Diesel for more info, then hit up a retail location to grab your own. [OhGizmo via Freshome]

Mix Tape Magnets Make Your Fridge Even Cooler


What better way to bring back a bit of nostalgia and reminisce about the days of splicing snapped tapes and reassembling broken cassette shells. 

Designed by Master Control Program, The Mix Tape Magnet measures approximately 1.25" by 2" and is available in a variety of labels and colors. 

$8 makes you an owner, but grab one quickly as stock is limited.

[via Gadget Venue]

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A Plaything Wallet By Stillas Keeps Gear In Your Pocket

Take close look because this is one of the rare times that purchasing racks of gear will help keep money in your pocket.  As an added bonus, production nerds and music store employees everywhere will drool whenever you pull out the A Plaything wallet by Stillas. Visit Grope In The Dark for more info. [Google … Read more

MPC 2000XL and SP1200 USB Flash Drives


Quiet as kept, I drooled a little when I first saw these MPC 2000XL and SP1200 USB flash drives.  How crazy would it be to have a USB drive that actually matches the your sampler of choice?  Here’s a chance for producers and beatmakers to carry around two of hip-hop’s most history laden sequencers in their pocket at all times.

The 4GB flash drives feature Toshiba memory with casing constructed from PVC rubber fashioned in near exact detail of the original Akai MPC 2000XL and EMU SP1200 samplers.

At the moment both drives are pre-order only with a scheduled ship date of June 12, 2009.

See the website for complete details.

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Crocheted Record Pillow Increases Vinyl Obsessions

If you’re going to be a vinyl nerd, you may as well do it to the fullest.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of The Beatles, this crocheted vinyl pillow is bound to improve the look of your room and extend the power of your collection.  No word on where to find one, … Read more

CD Turntables Bring Analog Beauty To Digital Goodness


There’s a certain inexplicable inherent visual beauty with vinyl and turntables that CD’s and mp3’s will never have.  I’ve personally dreamed of playing CD’s in a similar manner to records.

Professional sound mixer Pete Verrando seems to hold the same appreciation for vinyl and has attempted to combine the utility of CD’s with the visual aesthetic of vinyl.

They’re still prototypes, so don’t even begin to ask how they work… still, there’s no denying the beauty of his creations!

Visit Pete Verrando for more details and info.

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