CD Turntables Bring Analog Beauty To Digital Goodness


There’s a certain inexplicable inherent visual beauty with vinyl and turntables that CD’s and mp3’s will never have.  I’ve personally dreamed of playing CD’s in a similar manner to records.

Professional sound mixer Pete Verrando seems to hold the same appreciation for vinyl and has attempted to combine the utility of CD’s with the visual aesthetic of vinyl.

They’re still prototypes, so don’t even begin to ask how they work… still, there’s no denying the beauty of his creations!

Visit Pete Verrando for more details and info.

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613 thoughts on “CD Turntables Bring Analog Beauty To Digital Goodness”

  1. I’ve seen a version of this in Montreal back in ’02 — you need to get the same motor speed for proper reading and you mount the optical laser into the “needle” and just wire it back to the decoder.

    What’s interesting to me is: how does he deal with external light? Because the version I saw in MTL was built into a black box with steep sides, so that lights in the room wouldn’t be refracting off the CD surface and fucking with the optical reader…

    Overall, though, this is beautiful looking and a really dope hack!

  2. Looks like the size of the ‘needle’ creates a big enough shadow, and it’s distance from the disk probably helps too… these things are beautiful.

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