Sound Waves 3M Packing Tape

Who said the mundane office supplies shouldn’t be entertaining?  Designed by Vladimir Shreyder, Sound Waves tape features an image of a sound waveform throughout the entire 2 inch wide roll of 3M packing tape #371. Not only will it be fun to seal your packages with the Sound Waves tape, but it’s also yet another … Read more

Soundwave Bracelets by The Sound Advice Project

Not only can you combat teen drug use and contribute to improved personal karma, but your wrist can look much better with completely custom, production related gear. Originally intended to help youth carry anti-drug reminders of their parents, personalized voice recording are converted into bracelets that actually represent the three-dimensional waveform.  "All net proceeds collected … Read more

Paul C Tribute T-Shirt By BEATPATTERNS

Startup T-shirt creators BEATPATTERNS have honored producer Paul C with a classic quote from Organized Konfusion.  If you don’t know the legend of Paul C, then take a few minutes and read Dave Tompkins’ comprehensive history. "We’re called BEATPATTERNS and we’re making tshirts devoted to all aspects of the producer.  Our first shirt is an … Read more

Sample Junkie T-Shirt By DJ Funktual


DJ Funktual just dropped a gem for dusty fingered vinyl fanatics needing to proclaim their love for samples.  The t-shirt features the proud Sample Junkie proclamation on front and a list of bona fide crate classics such as Impeach The President, Amen Brother, The Champ, Ashley’s Roachclip, and more on the back!

The shirts are available in black with white letters and range in size from small to XL and up.  Add $2 if you want XXL or larger.  $20 to the US, $30 to Canada, $35 to-UK/FR which includes shipping and handling.  Send payment along with desired shirt size to funktual@live(dot)com for ordering or more info.

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Mushy the Cassette Tape Keychain

If you’re like me, there’s a special place in your heart for anything cassette related.  Although MUSHY the Cassette Tape Keychain is soft and maybe even a little cutesy, there’s a certain respect commanded by anyone who keeps a cassette tape (felt or otherwise) in their pockets.  Side A is lime green while Side B … Read more

Roland TR-808 Pillow Makes Dreams Come True

The Beat Box 808 pillow simultaneously offers a way for producers to show their true school roots as they dream of making beats… literally!  Not a bad way to rest your head and inspire some creativity.  Head over to Soft Machines to find out how to get your hands on one.   [via SC via CDM]

Turntable Ring By Designer Darkcloud Silver

Australian Designer Darkcloud Silver aka Nathan Thomas presents us with a classy collection of handcrafted jewelry inspired by Hip-Hop culture.  While other pieces in the collection include headphone, microphone, and spray can pendants, the turntable ring is hands down the crown jewel.  At about $220 USD, the mighty turntable ring is sure to set you … Read more