Urban DJ Portable Mixtape Cassette Mixer

Back pocket mixing solutions have never been better!  iPod DJ’s worldwide will rejoice at the sight of Urban DJ’s Mixtape Portable DJ Mixer available over at Urban Outfitters.  The The stripped down, gold colored mixer is powered by 2AAA batteries and comes equipped with two 3.5mm stereo inputs, a smooth cross faster, along with a … Read more

Mini Turntable Speakers For DJ’s On The Run


Complete with USB charging, functional start/stop button, moving platter, built in scratching, and other effects.  The $45.99 price tag completely make this a bargain that cannot be passed up!

DJ Speaker is able to connect to any audio source such as iPods or laptops. Featuring a single speaker that is loud and do not need any power source when it is playing. It comes with an USB cord for DJ Speaker to charge through a computer. 3 variation of mixed scratches allow the user to become a DJ in a short period of time.

Go grab one and become a TRUE mobile DJ.

[via RGS]

Video after the jump!

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Kit Turns CD’s Into Vinyl, Sort Of

No longer do CD’s have to sit away from the vinyl in an isolated, mismatching section of the music collection.  Illustrator Jason Munn has devised a way for vinyl lovers to hold on to CD’s and still maintain their dignity.  The DIY Vinyl CD Packaging Kit comes completely equipped to miraculously change 25 CD’s into … Read more

Cassette Wallet Makes Money Sound Better

So maybe having dough can’t actually sound better, but at least this way it’ll be a little more fun.  Designer Marcella Foschi makes each Cassette Wallet by hand and promises a unique, one of a kind item made out of actual cassette shells.  $43 USD gets your own. [via APC]