J Dilla Watch By Toy Watch, Leroy Jenkins, Burn Rubber


Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, Leroy Jenkins, and the Toy Watch Company came together to create a timepiece dedicated to the one and only production master J Dilla.  With proceeds of the watch going to benefit Ma Dukes, having one of these on your wrist is almost a no brainer.

No word on pricing or exact availability, but it’s been said that there will be a limited quantity produced. 

Head over to Burn Rubber for more info or email Rick to pre-order. [via MHH]

453 thoughts on “J Dilla Watch By Toy Watch, Leroy Jenkins, Burn Rubber”

  1. Yeah, That watch looks sick with Dilla on it.

    But i think these watches arent going for under $250 since i saw the other Toy Watch watches being around that price.
    Way Too much for me.

  2. Yea the watch will be around 250 $ i just got the message from burn rubber store. I dont give a fuck ill buy it and nurture it like a lil baby.

  3. i dunno, seems like a quick money grab…you really think ALL the proceeds are goin to charity…?…just checked the site and they even sell these wack DILLA shirts where they did something to his face…?

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