Image-Line FL Studio 9.5 Beta & New Features

FL Studio Producer Edition users can now apply to beta test FL Studio 9.5. Changes and improvements to FL Studio include: larger mixer view & waveform metering, individually sizable Playlist tracks, live Playlist marker types, 64 bit plugin support, improved memory management, improved audio options, fully automatic PDC, piano roll transport control, and more.

Head over to Image-Line account page or hit up their forums for more info

1,722 thoughts on “Image-Line FL Studio 9.5 Beta & New Features”

    • More often than that…when I was using FL they’d send me updates every quarter or every other quarter at least it seemed like…

    • It truly is the best, long term investment for a DAW (at least for a starter anways) in my opinion. They seem to remain competitive, offer features that other programs don’t, offer lifetime upgrades for free and the producer edition only costs $150 bucks!!!

  1. The improvements are massive. I`m now a Reason user,but I know a few beatmakers who use FL Studio 9 so Ilike what the video showed. I want to give this one a try just to see what I can create with it.

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