Tha Bizness On Production, Mixtapes, Remaking Beats

Producers Henny and Dow Jones of Tha Bizness discuss deriving inspiration from New Jack Swing and legends from the golden age of hip-hop. The duo also talk about learning to DJ, creating mixtapes, and ultimately evolving into production as well as the importance of patience, work, and practice within the music industry.

Don’t be afraid to listen to your hot production teams, hot producers, whatever, and try to remake their beats.

708 thoughts on “Tha Bizness On Production, Mixtapes, Remaking Beats”

  1. It’s sad that we get more haters. Some of you guys don’t know good music. Maybe some of you producers need to get some piano lessons and stop sampling your grandparent’s collection and ruining their classics to death. That “Every Girl” beat is crazy.

    • Seriously 17th? I thought we were off the “sampling is bad musicianship” kick since, shit…Endtroducing.

      Maybe I’m just not fond of their production style or whatever. Look at Black Milk, who doesn’t sample for every track (like a lot of artists do) and still makes AMAZING music.

      Like I said, I may not like their style. But in the end, they just may not be that great. These guys are out for Top 40 hits, and that is all. Look at guys like Preemo, Ant (from Atmosphere), 9th Wonder, and so many others who NEVER (or in Premier’s case, since 2006) chart, yet are still making the money they want/deserve. And even if they aren’t making the $$$, they have the love of hip-hop which I don’t feel like Tha Bizness has.

      Like Ms. Hill said “Hip-hop started out in the heart, now everybody’s trying to chart”

  2. They’re style is not my style but Im not going to say they’re garbage. #1 if anything they put out beat making videos. That right there is a contribution that not everyone gives so they get love just for that. #2 they can play the piano well and arent just making single key repetition. If you dont like it say you dont and move on. Are they the best, definitely not, but not the worst either. Just watch the video and get out of it what you do and then keep it moving. I think he is smart for saying that people study stars in other professions and strive to be like them so why not recreate someone’s hit to see how they did it. Its not bad as long as you expand on it and then make it your own. I know I got a lil Premo in my style! Peace!

  3. One question. Is this the original Dow Jones with the track “The Book of Wonder” from back in the day?

  4. “Don’t be afraid to listen to your hot production teams, hot producers, whatever, and try to remake their beats.” Check out JVCforce on Youtube! Bruh is getting down recreating some of the hottest producers beats! This is one of my favorites! Check him out!…

  5. Dude they was inspired by the golden age and new jack swing era of hip-hop. Obviously they know their stuff. Not everyone is gonna sound like Dilla, Premo, Black Milk, etc. They even produced “The Reserves” for CNN and f/Raekwon. If that’s not hip-hop enough then you’re not thinking out the box. They’re versatile homie. Deal with it..LOL

  6. who cares if you like these cats they makin money and doin better than us with this shit . there advice was sincere and pretty good . get your head out your own ass and open your mind people or ealse you will still be making beats in your one bedroom apartment lol

    • That IS real talk bruh! The thing for me is to step out that box, but keep the unground hip hip era element in my beats that I came up on! No pop/rap for me, lol!

  7. I think it’s fucking hilarious there’s people on a site called CRATEKINGS talking down about sampling. I also think it’s fucking hilarious that people on a production forum are judging beatmakers by how much money they make or records they sell. Y’all mutherfuckers are like that commercial when LeBron and Dwight Howard look over at Larry Bird like, “who the fuck is this dude”? laughing, like shit’s supposed to be funny. There would be no modern NBA without Larry and Magic, just like there would be no modern rap music without sample-based production. You just sound like an uneducated fool talking down about sampling, you really do.
    Let’s get this fucking straight right now. Some of these producers aren’t hip-hop producers; they’re POP producers with some hip-hop influence.
    We all know who is making the real shit and who is making the half-way shit. Not hating at all, in fact, i think Tha Bizness is dope. “Every Girl” is my shit, but that’s pop music right there. The Neptunes are the only dudes i can think of that can successfully claim both, but if you’ve seen the video of Pharrell and Primo hangin out, you understand why.
    Just because these dudes made a track for CNN doesn’t mean shit. Listen to “The War Report”, then this other shit, and tell me what’s what. Just because you can make a dark beat w/ some 4/4 drums and have NORE rap over it doesn’t mean you’re hip-hop.
    And most importantly, talking shit about sampling means you’re just one of the many sheep out there that’ve been programmed to suck the soul and rawness right out of this very special music. I’mma quote the anti-christ Mel Gibson on this one: “I am fucking offended right now!!! I AM FUCKING OFFENDED!!!”


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