Jermaine Dupri Drum Break Compilations, More Beatmaking

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  1. Jermaine Dupri is a LEGEND… I read his auto biography a couple years ago and it gave me a whole new respect for his work in the music business. All though he may not be looked upon favorably in underground hip hop circles per se… dude is for sure a HIP HOP HEAD…RESPECT

    • Well…until he speaks up for “hip hop heads” fuk this dude…this the same dude who didnt even salute run dmc at the hip hop honors ( and u SHOULD know why)…instead he took the infamaous “the south got somthing to say” BS approach like he never once got love outside the south until after 2000 with the rest of the crybabys…

    • are you suggesting he bit dilla? i’m pretty sure he was being called JD before Dilla came on the scene.

      • Dilla used to go by Jay Dee which he changed to Dilla after this J.D. started biting it. In one documentary about Dilla his mom even mentions this.

        • And that makes it a fact? I’m sorry, cats been calling Jermaine Dupri “J.D.” from way back when. As far as I know, Dilla changed his name due to folks confusing him with J.D. And, please present this documentary so we can double check your story.

  2. Legendary CLOWN that is. Cats don’t respect this man’s ability to bite everything and try to make it his own.

  3. magilakutti is right.

    jermaine showed us how to braid our hair, which was an invaluable skill after we blew all our money on cross colours, karl kanai gear, and skittles. when we recorded our first album mack daddy basically brought a bunch of his sister’s rap cds into the studio and jermaine just kept sampling one loop on top of another randomly. we’d just move the faders on all of the 24 tracks while they looped and solo like 3 of three of them. that’s how we did jump and i missed the bus.

    funny story. one night we were in the studio chillin with da brat and jermaine had been on his 24 hour champagne diet again (even back in ’93 he was ballin). he started rubbin on her titties. she got up, took off her belt, and just beat the shit out of that nigga for 15 minutes, stripped him nekkid, bound him, and dropped him off in front of his mom’s house with a dildo in his ass. ask j about that! he won’t lie! LOL

    this video should put everything to rest though. he’s def hip-hop. sampling a bass drum from a dj battle record and fucking around with some 808 drums is unthinkably original. much respect to j. fuck all the haters!!!

    peace daddy mack

    • “this video should put everything to rest though. he’s def hip-hop. sampling a bass drum from a dj battle record and fucking around with some 808 drums is unthinkably original. much respect to j – ”

      LMAO – I wasn’t going to post anything, but yeah, no kidding – why even bother messing with wax if your just chopping up battle breaks? and filming that – why bother? I really like how he leads into this by saying some heads are just to slow – to slow for what? sampling samples? to each his own, but I’m not feeling it –

      • Well, he was talking about people hating on his last beat, which was just horrible IMHO.

        And, why not use wax? I’m sure ya’ll would be the same cats that would criticize him if he was using mp3’s. Oh, but don’t let “Madlib” show film of him sampling breaks from a wax comp. That comp would be sold out in minutes.

        Use what you have. I he happens to have that vinyl, why should it be considered a “bother” to use it?

  4. Besides JD copying The Chronic and Doggystyle with Kriss Kross and Da Brat, he does have a history that`s reputable. He still is a producer and he `s made some s$%t that is dope(Check Life at 1472, he`s gotta few dope beats on there,not many ,but a few). I like his studio series. I`ve always wanted to get a little insight on how these cats do what they do. It`s inspirational for me.

  5. yo i been blocked by jermaine LMAO i commented on his last beat making video on youtebe and said it was horrible and tried to do it on this and it said he blocked me lolll. i guess people cant face the truth that their shit sucks

  6. i would love to be in jermaines position right now. another anonymous persons opinion would be the furthest thing from my mind.

  7. dat chit was crazy wack, especially for someone whos been in the game for how many ever years…

  8. “heh,” if you give it some thought, these “anonymous persons’ opinions” dictate whether or not Dupri even has a career!

  9. How does Daddy Mack Mack Daddy or whatever, come to the conclusion that sampling a bass drum from a break beat record is ‘unthinkably’ original????

  10. @P.B.

    we went 4x platinum baby. whenever a record sells millions you know it is quality. j.d. sells millions. that’s why you’re on his incredibly talented jock! robert van winkle sold 38 million units, and sarah palin moved 2.7 million copies of going rogue. cats keep hating on them though like they ain’t part of the game. quality sells! you wish you were in jd’s shoes! like the nigga said, if this ain’t livin the life i don’t know what is.

    i just gave j.d. the address to this webpage and he’s straight laughin’ at you haters. we did j.d.’s geocities page back in 1996 before any of you bitches were up on this internet shit!

    • I wasnt actually hating on ‘JD’ or the content in this video.
      I commented on a comment you had made.
      Quality is a matter of opinion anyway. Im not hating on JD.
      His music is not my kind of thing but hey, he is making money doing what he loves.
      Appealing to kids who are easily swayed by gimmicks is bound to make you money.

    • and Soulja Boy made 10mill off “Crank That”…

      I’ve always been a JD fan though…I’m just sayin your point has flaws…just let the music speak for itself man…

      • his music spoke…and it sucks no matter how you try and swing it…
        am I allowed to NOT feel it ? fk what it sold u robot… you act like cause he platinum he should get praise…the nigga copyed his way to fame…whats to respect?

      • And soulja boy had the south behind him, in which that says NOTHING! cats from the south would support a clansman if it had a tight enough 808 and he from where they from…lets be real…

    • Maaaan please…
      its a well know fact that kriss kross and JD dont get along…cmon man…it wasnt that serious to do all that just to defend overrated JD cmon man, chris on crate kingz? LMAO!!
      JDs over rated, 4x’s overrated…and he’ll never do them numbers again…well maybe if detox ever drops and he can copy dre’s newest production style or puffy gets hot again and he can copy off him again…but JD? please man…
      just cause u aint sh*t you dont have to try to convince everybody to look up to your loser idols too…
      thats why guys like rick ross can live cause dudes settle for the winning loser and dont think twice about it…

      miggiddymiggiddymiggiddymiggiddy MACK DADDY!

      now did they steal that flow from Das Efx too or was he on that south sh*t and we was just hatin on the south…in fukn1993…. ???

      • Actually, I think Treach wrote Jump.

        “Gonna see Jermaine in Atlanta cause he owe me loot for that Jump shit.”

        I think personally feel that Jermaine has some verifiable hits. Wouldn’t place him in the upper echelon of producers, though. He “had” a great business mind, once upon a time and is smart enough to surround himself with a team of skilled co/ghost producers.

        For example, we all know NO I.D. did all of the beats that were credited to Jermaine on American Gangster, but, he still got paid and his name preceded NO I.D.’s in the liner notes. Get upset about it, but plenty of other industries work the same way, i.e., art, film, etc…

    • Wow I feel old. Do cats on here not know who Kris Kross are? This is the funniest comment I’ve read on here in a minute.


      And I still have my another bad creation tape. Vintage.

  11. whatever whatever.. just think its weird to sing so passionately about having and paying from your own money for your own drinks..
    its specifically a JD thing its everywhere..

  12. he is Jermaine Wackalot Dupri

    i hate his sound and everything he does since i first heard of him, but hey
    im more of an underground hip hop melodic shit cat.

    • You must not really know what a melody is, because, as much as I am an underground hip hop head myself, a lot of JD’s pop hits have way more melody than the stuff we praise.

  13. What ya’ll fail to realize is: THIS MAN IS DRUNK!!! He’s on a “24hr champagne diet”. The man is an alcoholic!!!… therefore he has a different perspective than the average man. You know how when you’re drunk, EVERYTHING sounds good…that’s his problem! GET HIM SOME HELP! LOL

  14. My girl just made the most hilarious comment about this “It must hurt to be this irrelevant aged 36” to add, it must hurt to be this unthinkably bad after forging a half decent legacy. Also, chopping battle breaks? Could you imagine if 9th or Premo or Showbiz made a video of them snatching kicks from Superseal or Hee-Haw Breaks? LMAO

    • if she thinks he is irrelevant what does she think about you? or us??
      No offence but no person is irrelevant.
      Irrelevant in HipHop ..? that i understand.


    • Who gives a damn where he got his drums from? Will you be able to tell once they’re chopped or looped on a beat?

      Jehfree, (can’t believe I’m gonna quote the kid haha), but he made a good point something to the effect, “Oh, it’s okay to steal drums from Pink Floyd but not from 9th Wonder?”

      Btw, Ski Beats took drums from a Tribe joint and made Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents.

    • And you think that Primo, Showbiz and 9th DON’T use breaks comps? Just because they don’t advertise it, I’m sure they do. Ya’ll be creating this hype around your production heroes that is very undeserved. Shit, Pete even stepped to 9th about him stealing his kicks and snares, why the hell would he NOT use breakbeat comps?

      And, I guess you must not produce, because finding a nice, usable drum break is not the kind of stuff you find all the time.

      Why do the work when someone else has done it for you?

      Work smart, not hard.

      • U obviously dont know ur shit… and ur oozing ignorance and lack of understanding.

      • -“finding a nice, usable drum break is not the kind of stuff you find all the time.”

        all the more reason to go find ones that aren’t on break comps.

        -“Why do the work when someone else has done it for you?”

        doesn’t even deserve a response.

  15. your girl is an idiot no offense lol this man runs atl and has been running atl for at least 2 decades

    • You said “last 2 decades” bro. Unless “last” in your definition includes the current decade…You’re the “idiot” (No offence) JD hasn’t had genuinely noteworthy credits since 2004-2005.

      No one is trying to detract from JD’s legacy, but this (Right now) is garbage. So all these comments telling dudes to consider stuff from JD’s PAST are kinda irrelevant. You can only judge a man on his last word, or in this case..his last beat(s). (Both of which have been wack, just sayin’)

      • Just to correct myself, You said “2 decades” like those obviously past decades are still relevant.

  16. I’m not one to get into arguments, but how come everyone is hating? Hip-Hop is for enjoyment. We all do things differently and I am pretty sure if your producing and left a worthless comment, you’re probably downloading half-ass’d drum kits from popular producers of today. I’m giving nothing but props for the lady singing and tilting my hat to JD for doing what he wants.

    Hip Hop was made on no solid ground, sampling from whatever you can and turning it into gold, in this case, a champagne binge. Let the man sample what he wants, just worry about yourself. How come no one talked about the MPC 60 or any real production shit? Wheres Semantik on this one?

    • It’s not hating, but dudes attitude stinks. lmao wasn’t he blocking people who gave their two cents on his first video? If you’re putting out music to the masses, you need to be prepared for someone to run past and say “lol garbage” But when you’re putting in snide comments in your video responses like you’re producing at this higher level that they’re too small minded to understood, you need to get told about it, regardless of your legacy. Either way, JD isn’t my buddy, and half these comments don’t exist in his universe. So I guess it balances out.

  17. That`s the whole thing about the comments section. We are allowed to comment how we feel in this section. I understand they can be hatefull. But if you feel that way about the comments,you don`t have to respond to them,nor read them. I see some pretty hatefull comments on mainly ALL the blogspots I go to,but you have tolearn to let people be who they are, sometimes shake your head and keep it moving. Our opinions(may they be crazy or not) are our god-given right to have them. So just think about that next time you read the comment section of ANY blog or internet site. This can help you keep your sanity in this insane place we call the internet.

  18. I must admit some of his stuff isnt my thing…but I still respect the mans accomplishments in the music business especially since he had major success coming outta Atlanta predating the current southern hip hop boom.



    • seriously, I’m not hating on you, but your caps thing makes it really hard to take you seriously – not only that, but if your going to call people ignorant, at least run your shit through spell check – not hating, just saying….

      anyways, why can’t somebody not like something? I didn’t jump on the hate train on the last video, even though in my personal opinion, it was garbage….. but after dude is sitting there saying people are to slow, I can’t help it – IT’S FUNNY – the internet is where people can exchange ideas and opinions, and if you put your material out there, there WILL be people who don’t like it –

      I agree with Cap – “If you’re putting out music to the masses, you need to be prepared for someone to run past and say “lol garbage” But when you’re putting in snide comments in your video responses like you’re producing at this higher level that they’re too small minded to understood, you need to get told about it, regardless of your legacy” – that’s the truth in my opinion –

  21. Your name is bad spelling and caps ? I write in caps on everything I do thats not on paper , so what ! Stick to the topic at hand . Nobody is arguing with you about your right to be a hater , keep hating , do what you do man.

  22. First of all, those Mack Daddy and Daddy Mack comments are some of the more amazing comments i’ve seen on this site. Whoever did that–thank you.
    Secondly, the fact that people on there didn’t get the Kriss Kross reference is even more amazing.
    Third, the idea that Jermaine Dupri “bit” the JD name from Dilla is just out of control. I mean, i love Dilla but come on people get with it. There was also a JD in Da Lench Mob…did he steal that from Dilla too? Do your history.
    Last, i gotta say how strange it is to see a dude that’s been around as long as this guy, and who has the resume he has, sampling drum breaks from a fucking battle record. Shit is just weird.

  23. daaamn tough crowd man, I thought hip hop was about innovation, making something out of nothing, using pieces of other genres to make our own genre. Using a kick from ANY record is not a crime and it doesn’t make you wack. Were do you think the ppl who make sample patches get there samples from? Or the ppl that make reason and fl studio, they get alot of them from recent radio joints. Don’t be so uptight there are no rules in hip hop production, if stealing a kick is wack then stealing a loop should be extra wack

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