Pro Tools MP 9 Coming Soon From Avid


Avid has announced Pro Tools MP 9, which promises more options and power for users of M-Audio audio interfaces. Users will be able to get their hands on the updated version of Pro Tools for $299 USD for the full version while upgrades will be available for $199 USD.

Some of Pro Tools 9 features include:

  • 48-track simultaneous mono or stereo audio recording
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • MP3 export capability
  • 70 included plugins

Users who’ve purchased Pro Tools M-Powered 8 since March 5th are eligible for a free upgrade. Head over to Avid for complete details or check out the reference guide.

8 thoughts on “Pro Tools MP 9 Coming Soon From Avid”

  1. Again why get MPowered 9 When you can just get PT 9… Mpowered was made for Maudio interfaces but now since you can use any interface its pointless to go the MP route

    • Yes I know Avid owns Maudio…. my point is why UPGRADE TO MPOWERED 9 when can just get PT 9

      Mpowered 9 is only going to work on the maudio interfaces while Pt works on all the interfaces.

      Sof if you get MP 9 then later you go you know what… I want to switch my interface.. OPPS your assed out you either have to stick with Maudio or buy another version of PT

      So you might as well buy pt 9

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