Avid Pro Tools 9 Is Now Standalone & Other New Features

Avid has announced the released of Pro Tools 9, the latest version of its DAW. In addition to the such new features such as Automatic Delay Compensation and increased track count, Avid’s latest release now gives users the ability to use Pro Tools 9 without as standalone with only a computer, iLok and software, no hardware interface is needed.

  • With Pro Tools 9.0, Pro Tools is now a single, unified application. Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered will no longer be developed. Pro Tools 9.0 effectively replaces all lower versions of Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered software.
  • Get the flexibility of using Pro Tools 9 with your favorite Avid audio interface or third-party Core Audio- or ASIO-compatible interface—or use Pro Tools 9 completely standalone for easy on-the-go creation.

Check out full list of features, explore the entire Pro Tools line, or head over to the Avid Store.

The full version of Pro Tools 9 is available for $599 with an estimated ship date of November 11th, 2010.

Are you excited? Disappointed? Do you care?

17 thoughts on “Avid Pro Tools 9 Is Now Standalone & Other New Features”

  1. WOW! This is nice!
    But, I wonder how many people are going to crap their pants when they taking there masters in there laptop and leaving them, or losing them in taxi’s or the airport. but i have to be honest i’m looking for 600 dollars right now to get it. LOL LOL

  2. ok, so I’ve been doing this with Logic for how many years now?? My only interest in using ProTools comes from the fact that it is the “industry standard” and that it would probably be beneficial for me to learn how to use it decently well.

  3. This is great !!! I had started using pro tools m-powered just to to use a limited , but welcome number of interfaces , almost had given up on pro tools all together because of this I started using logic so I could use whatever interface i wanted . This is the best news since the microwave was introduced in the early 80’s !!!!
    This will definately boost pro tools sales . Reason 5 now allows you to sample directly into it . No wonder my hardwear is taking so long to sell on ebay .

  4. @ Haters of Haters Why is it 599.00 thou without any hardwear included .Shouldn’t it be cheaper ? Paying mbox prices without an mbox wont cause me to switch

  5. i have been using pt since v7 and have been looking at a neako this will swing me right back to pt. On a flight with just my laptop and no usb 2 a mbox man im stoked now if i could only get the hook up on maschines drum kits.

  6. Man.This is kinda cool. I’ve been a fan of Pro Tools for years but due to their unwillingness to play well with others I would never spend the $$$…Now Im gonna get it…I can use it with whatever interface suits my needs at any given moment…I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the process of working with hardware samplers and outboard gear but you can’t beat software for mixing,editing and mastering.

  7. Nice sales pitch fellas….personally, I feel most professional DAW’s are fairly comparable now though. It is all about your own familiarity. I love it how every ad whether it be HP with Beats by Dre or Pro Tools is telling you their product does stuff that no other product can….lies and deceit…but hell it’s advertising.

  8. dude @ 1:47 is wearing eye makeup. hahahaha

    On another note good luck to those of you willing to shell out 600 smackers for this. doh!

  9. You know what’s funny is BROKE PRODUCERS/BEATMAKERS are always the ones that complain about prices.

    Look if you’re making money with the music your create it shouldn’t matter how much you are paying for the application because

    1. 1-3 beat sales is going to cover it
    2. You can write the expense OFF
    3. If your like me 1 lease on a Television network is going to pay for it 5x over

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