Trifeckta Wins St. Louis Red Bull Big Tune

Congrats to Trifeckta on his win at the St. Louis round of the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle! Both he and runner-up M80 will represent St. Louis at the national finals, which will take place in Chicago.

Final round footage after the break!

Intricately layered beats, air drums, and exaggerated head nods were all used as weapons when producers J Rhodes, Foxx Starstrukk, Nodzilla, They Call Me Bo, C-los, D-Que, Tech Supreme, Trifeckta, Bennie D, M80, Rio and Abnormal declared war on each other.

16 thoughts on “Trifeckta Wins St. Louis Red Bull Big Tune”

  1. the more I watch Red Bull Battles the more I am convinced that they are major garbage, just with money behind them. How in the F### do they pick some of these dudes though and the dude who one in the semi-finals played some weak r n’ b bullshit. Not saying everybody is weak, but just noticing a trend in these videos.

  2. I hear that this is the last year for these battles. I think they have ran thier course. I agree with Parts. There is not enough unique beats getting through to the final rounds from what these videos show. They are gonna have to change thier format and let the producers create on the spot. I think it would get real interesting then.

  3. mmmmmm they were mainstream type beat which isnt bad i just wonder how boondoc gonna far against them

  4. thats real shit folks. hopefully i can give you more of what i have in the finals in chicago. I played to win, and I won; sorry that there werent enough impressive beats comin from my end of the situation. hopefully whoever wins the whole thing impresses you. feel free to check out tracks that Ive done for my dude Rockwell Knuckles, @rockyknuckles on twitter: Keep critiquing the fuk outta my work so I can get better. I’m by no means a finished/polished producer, and I experiment with many styles.

    • Yo a lot of ppl on here criticize just to criticize. I thought your shit was fire fam. Im usually more on the underground tip when it comes to beats, but i loved your style a lot. Major props and good luck in chi.

  5. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The dudes that frequent Crate Kings would shit on the majority of the people in these Red Bull battles. I rarely get super impressed by watching these videos anymore.
    M80 and Trifekta still came pretty hard though.

  6. These cats did their thing……for some reason people want to hate just to hate. ;eat battles can be a funny thing to judge…because at the end of the day its about what track gets the crowd involved and into it…….so with knowing that….any producer with half a brain will always keep that in mind when entering. Good job to both producers.

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