FL Studio Mobile For iPhone And iPad Announced

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      • You don’t get what he means. FL Studio is for Windows only, and iOS was built off of Mac OS X. So why is it not possible for them to make it for Mac? This is something you should’ve considered before throwing names, dumbass.

        • “We will be investigating Android development this summer but the diversity of hardware for Android devices makes it hard (if not impossible) to do something like FL Studio Mobile. We’ll see how this turns out but don’t expect anything in 2011.” – FL Studio Official FB page
          “iOS development has little to do with OSX (Mac) development. This said we should have a version of FL Studio wrapped with Codeweavers Crossover pretty so on so if you can live with a big(ger) latency & no audio inputs …” – FL Studio Official FB page
          Who’s the dumbass now?

  1. i think making a macintosh version should have been first priority. if you can spend millions to do this i know apple would have been grad to partner with you to make a fl application for mac users. that really the only reason i didnt use fruity loops long.i hope image-line sees my post .

  2. Damn. Now we get to look forward to even more thrown together, no thought beats from kids that have never owned a record or an instrument in their short life. Super!

    • i use fl AND have worked with machines and use vinyl…i cant speak for other people but i put thought into what i do…i can see where your coming from though…seems like overnight “emcees and producers”are coming out of the woodwork..

    • Don’t hate that’s what ppl with full studios said when mps and sp 1200s came out right? And on top of that the good shit is only goin to shine harder. I don’t know any weak producer selling tracks big enough for the average person to listen to. And if you’re one of those “underground” or “real” hip hop heads you’re just a close minded elitist. Just because u don’t dig it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. It’s not all about u vex. Fyi

  3. Apple just sold another Ipad! 🙂 Once I figure out how to sample on it, I’mma be a beast! Does Ipad have a storage medium?

    • You can dipshit. I’m an apple fanboy and hate wanna be apple techie noobs like yourself. You can dualboot with windows or u can run a windows emulator.

      • Which is not exactly Mac os x… People don’t want to spend money on buying FL Studio AND Windows to run on Mac… Retard… and you obviously don’t know much about Apple…

  4. that shit looks so clean. ive been a fan of fl studio for a very long time and i could really give a damn what these haters have to say. at the end of the day, its all the same shit. theres a lot of possiblities with fl… but the only thing it doesnt do is make you a better producer, you have to do that on your own, no software or hardware is gonna do that for you. i agree with the os capabilities fl has to get on that asap.

  5. it’ll be whack if you can’t chop samples. I’ve been waiting for something decent for the ipad. Being able to chop on a touch screen would be dope.

  6. I don’t think people are going to use this to create full beats…if you’re out and about and a beat comes to mind you can just use this app to put it down until you can get to a desktop/laptop/or a real studio.

  7. Guys, the reason why there’s the Windows -> iOS disconnect is because this is a reskin of an existing iOS app – (Xewton) Music Studio.

    The thing doesn’t even even have sample input available! And the iPhone/iPad versions are two purchases. Aside from the Synthstation25 support, it’s pretty sad unless you’re already using FL Studio extensively on your PC already.

    I was really excited for this until I found out where it came from. Check out the demo version of Music Studio from the App Store – that’s close to what you’re getting here…

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